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More of What MGSV Could Have Been

Some more stuff I forgot to add last time.
Gameplay: Some mechanics that could've been in the game and improved from Peace Walker, and in general, such as the ability to lead a team of soldiers on stealth missions in the field, arena-like heavy combat, sneaking through a whole giant structure like in the first two Solid games, and even more CQC moves. More gadgets and tools  that are automatically taken into the field, or not, such as a prototype grapple, charger, flashlight on the chest, upgradebale backpack, gas mask, first aid kits, and a Swiss Army Knife. Destructible environments, and a mechanic that shows the world around you degrading in relaton to destruction and resource farming you cause (for example, using missile launchers instead of tranq guns menas a forest area will be bombed out for a while). Bringing back lockers to hide bodies in. Bringing a sense of scale on top of the already large world, like say a Call of Duty game , or the Uncharted series, where it looks really big. Hiding in rafters, blind fire ability, other stuff. Lot more enemy types (based on things like Digimon, X-Mne legends, Jak and Ratchet series), but also more individual and unique personalities for them. "Demon Mode", a mode where a hallucinating Venom Snake is able to inflict much more damage on the environment and people around him, while taking on a bloodstained apearance similar to Demon Snake, and the environment looks like fire and hell on earth. Use of environmental hazards to take down enemies, such as windows about to burst in a storm, and bashing an enemy into a generator to kill them, and also ledge takedowns. Ability to pick up bricks and bottles for distraction or combat, and basball bats, pipes, crowbars, old boards, machetes, hatchets and swords for combat uses. More climbale walls and cliffs, alogn with building climbing and wire hanging. Play as Ocelot, and thinking of Mortal Kombat X where Troy Baker played Erron Black, a whole roster of playable characters available once you complete certain missions, each with a wholly different playign style to Snake (not like Mortal Kombat where everyone has the same health and button control scheme). Exponentially more options of how to complete a mission to make it "total strategic freedom". Bringing back health and stamina bars. And the ability to swim. More airstrike variety too. Ability to lure certain factions into the same area and have them fight it out. Mother Base's customization increased exponentially, and the ability to have to defend it rather than the FOBS in person. Get rid of the Extreme versions of missions, but since doen correctly they're kind of cool, make them into challenge mode kind of thing. Some original Subsistence missions, or something like surviving on limited supplies like in The Last of Us. Creatures like kaiju. "Skull mode" where Venom hallucinates himself as Skull Face, as a method of covering his own guilt at his actions.
Missions: Some possibles: Raiding a UNITA or MPLA camp to free child soldiers; assassinaitng a country's minister of something; huntnig down XOF and Cipher officials and hight value targets (for example an enforcer for Cipher who ensures. through blackmail or force, that a certain nation will secretly stay in Cipher's good graces); escorting a group of injured POWs deep in an enemy forest to an LZ due to losing your stash of Fulton devices; destroying jammers in a city area so an airstrike can be called in; clearing out a port in a war zone city for a client; escaping from a city in the midst of a serious riot; sabotaging guard towers and ICBM launchers ar a missile site; destroying a series of tunnel entrances; infiltrating a remote base where Cipher is developing new weapons of mass destruction and superguns; crossing through a trench line to sabotage soemthing; explore the Cyprus hospital once again to find some intel XOF did not know about before they realize it; infiltrate a nuclear reatcor complex; Venom heading out into the Afghan desert to find any sign of Quiet's remains, all while trying to hold in his pain at losing her; boss battle with a parasite-infected lizard that escaped from one of Skull Face's facilities;
Story: For one, lot of themes, such as gangsterism of big nations in history; the roles and purposes of nations; causes of wars such as greed and arrogance and revenge; the loss of original reasons for wars over time until they just exist; economic troubles; authoritarianism; drugs usage; the seeds of chanegs that contribute to the end of the Cold War; America's superpower status and moral self-righeousness (like in the original story plan); fatalism and nihilism at a world secretly controlled by forces and thugs beyond anyone's control; desperation of humanity to survive; the cusp of a much more techno world, as seen in the rest of the games set after this. Go more into the Metal Gear universe, its history, topics such as Skull Face's corruption and how Diamond Dogs helped shape world history. A lot more going into the themes of PAIN and RACE AND REVENGE, as well as how the first Big Boss becomes a giant prick, woven into the story structure. A lot of subplots to add to the main story, and I'll go hog wild here if I can with some ideas: 1)The return of the biological son of the original Bog Boss and a local prostitute from a brothel trip made by Jack and some of his friends before he shipped off to Korea, now intent on finding and meeting his father. 2) Diamond Dogs finds itself teaming up with a splinter group form Cipher, "the Purifiers", who believe in the original goal of Cipher but not the methods and what ever it's become nowm and a fragile alliance begins (and does eventually end). 3) Diamond Dogs goes up against another Cipher-controlled organization, this one much more like a covert mafia or corrupt multinational corporation, using blackmail, bribes, graft, threats, even hiring private military contractors in war zones who officially work for actors in the regions, but ultimately answer to the organization's economic and power interests (kind of like the RDA and mercs in Avatar). 4) A new mutation of the parasite emerges after the Shining Lights incident, which produces even more zombie-like effects, and the Dogs get into conflict with a rogue PF army that is looking to take it and use it themselves. 5) Flashbacks to such things as Kaz's flashbacks set before the game, in places like Grenada and Northern Ireland. 6) More confrontations with Skull Face, including sneaking into on of his bases, in the process learning a lot mroe about his earlier self. 7) Small short non-missions showing how Diamond Dogs and its obsession with destroying XOF and Cipher is having adverse consequences on members, their lives, etc.
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What MGSV Could Have Been

Basically a bunch of changes and additions that could have been done, a subject that I'm sure makes everyone here just want to snap and kill Kojima or Konami for the game. So before I start, no acidic anything, please.
1) Major expansions to the story. The core is already there, but to use an analogy, it is a draft or a scriptment instead of a thousand page novel it could have been. The story could be put into as much as five chapters (so that it'd be "Revenge, Race, Peace, Pain, and something involving how blood and national feuds carry on to the next generation). They could have gone into Skulls Face's backstory a lot more, for example. And adding several additional missions for before Mission 51. And more exploration of themes, for example how low humans can sink in certain conditions. One element can be switchign between Venom Snake and Big Boss on their sepearte stories.
2) Locations, a lot more and much more detailed. I got to thinking about this while playing the Uncharted series recently, like they have a lot more variety to their locations. And also these locations are much bigger in scale, like they actually feel like you're there. For example, a sequence set in a Colombian city has lots of people, like it's being used, instead of say the Mfinda oilfield in MGSV. Or even like in the old Mercenaries game for PS2, I don't know. There is a tiny sense of this in the hospital escape sequence. Here are some locations I'd add: A rail yard or two, a few whole cities and lcoations that are fully explorable. I'm going to probably go overboard here, but bear with me. Locations such as London, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, Chicago, Baltimore, Barcelona, Beirut, Belfast, Boston, Copenhagen, Dallas, Washignton DC, Delhi, Detroit, Dublin, Haiti, Havana, Istanbul, Kignston, Las Vegas, Texas, Long Island, Los Angeles, Manila, Mexico City, Miami, Mumbai, New Orleans, Paris, Pittsburgh, Portland Oregon, Rome, Singapore, Stockholm, Tehran, tel Aviv, Trinidad, Rio de Janiero, Brussels, Addis Ababa, Baghdad, Bogota, Lagos, and Montevideo, Uruguay. And some other ideas too(plurals just to be safe): Hotels and motels, train stations, nightclubs, marketplaces, Indonesia, mangrove swamps, settlements, caves, mines, back alleys, research facilities, hydroelectric dams, crash sites, skyscrapers, trains, construction sites, lush forests, mills, R&D places, sewer systems, military forts, depots, refineries, tropical resorts, ship fleets, small town main streets, suburbs, farmland, churches, black markets, concrete walled checkpoints, slums, building ruins, subways, office buildings, schools, refugee camps, flooded areas, mountain ranges, Wyoming-like forests, universities, megastores, lakeside resort towns, snowy forests, highways and freeways, icy wastelands, desert expanses, prisons, mansions, amusement parks, Chernobyl, theaters and opera hosues, tanker ships, ruined castles, casinos, island resorts, mental asylums, national parks, Cold War bunkers, Korean Demilitarized Zone, submarine bases, nuclear plants, savannahs, jungle guerrilla camps, gulags, Cambodian-Vietnamese border, Sino-Vietnamese border regions, Guatamela (mountain forests and cities), Shining Path bases, Malaysia, Kashmir, Iran-Iraq border, Ethiopia, swamps, mountain peaks and lodges, American deserts, island bases, rain forests, the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego (it's a very nice hotel) and villages.
3) More characters, and those already there get much more personality and backstory. For example, chararcters such as the Spetznaz commander and the CFA executive would get names, and new characters could be some such as US agents outside of Cipher's controls, looking to continue the Cold War espionage status quo and take out both Diamond Dogs and XOF. More factions too, such as battling UNITA instead of just their private forces.
4) Missions. A lot more, and not the done-in-three-minutes ones that are in the game. Again, some inspiration from the Uncharted series and the hospital sequence (as well as some sequences in Code Talker and Metallic Archaea missions), as well as the first four Solid games. More variety, lot more connected to the story, and the lengths expanded, to almost the time for an MGS4 act for each. And get rid fo the ranking system at the end of each mission, it takes away from total strategic freedom in completing the missions. And more "set piece missions" like the REX usage in Guns of the Patriots. Some examples of missions and mission types to include: Firefights with XOF,  infiltrating the middle of an open battlefield, sneaking through a hotel to avoid XOF scouts within, surviving a white phosphorus mortar strike (taken from Spec Ops The Line), more boss battles, psychological operations on a client's behalf, coverly helping Big Boss find materiel to build Outer Heaven, assassination missions, sabotage, recon, search and destroy, anti-air battles, using anti-air turrets for a long time (like in Jak II), stowing away on a C130 supply aaircraft, intel retrieval, street long firefights (two examples to come to mind Three Leaf Clover in GTA 4, and that Hue City mission in Call of Duty Black Ops), Lone Wolf and Cub-style sub-story of revenge (it's not what Kojima envisioned, but would be awesome to include), smuggling, torture missions, acquiring of field safe houses, COINTELPRO-like stuff, raids, hsotage rescue, hijacking and fighting on a moving train, convoy rail shooter, more detailed village capture, economic warfare, finding out about the CIA's Special Activities Division, covert action paramilitary operations, nuclear espionage, helping Amanda against the Contras, battling body-snatchers develoepd by the USA or USSR or someone, using a humanitarian organization to gather info on XOF, counterterror ops, interrogating XOF soldiers with methods such as waterboarding (as Ocelot), searching places where Cipher is experimenting on humans, terrorist attacks and methods (such as conventional, urban bombings, and unconventional, bioterror), wanton destruction, hostage taking, fighting a force engaged in genocide and rape, leading a massacre in a civilian building to take out several high-ranking Cipher officials (mirroring that of XOF in Cyprus), escorting an HVT through a trap-filled forest or city, sabotaging an ammunition depot, rreturnign to Camp Omega to steal files regarding Cipher's covert strike forces, escaping a Soviet bloc prison and then state secret police in the streets, escaping Kowloon Walled City from an XOF ambush, vigilante actions against crime lords and such (Batman or Punisher style, you pick), and rescuing a young Naomi and Frank Hunter.
5) Gameplay. Make it not so expensive to use stuff. Add new stealth modes.
6) Restore all the stuff that was cut from the game, list from NeoGaf: - "80's Filter": Removed for being system-intensive.
- Camp Omega Special Mission (E3 2013 Trailer): Unused for unknown reasons.
- P.T Active Decoy ("Lisa") (2014 TGS gameplay presentation): Presumably cut for relationship to the cancelled "Silent Hills" project.
- Missing Delivery Point Invoices (missing locations?): Removed for unknown reasons.
- Usable Battle Gear during free-roam (Piggyback Collector's Edition strategy guide): Removed for balance reasons.
- "Burned/Skull Boss" Model (Kojima 2015 Launch Trailer): Unused for unknown reasons.
- Africa Burning Village Cutscene (E3 2014 trailer): Removed for unknown reasons.
- Africa Child Soldier Training Cutscene: Unused for unknown reasons.
- TGS 2014 Africa Mission (TGS 2014 gameplay presentation)
- Mission 46 Unused Dialogue (found in game files)
- "Mission 51" Unused Mission (found on CE Blu-Ray disc)
- Unused/unknown alternate costumes from the leaked script, including "Foxtrot". "Sandstorm", "Realtree", "Panther", "MGS3 Naked", "MGS3 Sneaking" and "MGS3 Tuxedo", along with buddy uniforms like "Horse_Parade" and "Horse_Western". Removed for unknown reasons.
That's about it really from me.
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(Spoilers) Venom Snake's flashback during the Paz hallucination was correct! (Theory)

Paz didn't explode (THEORY)
In the Paz subplot in The Phantom Pain, we saw that Venom Snake hallucinated that Paz survived and was brought back to mother base. He had a flashback that showed him removing the second bomb, and saw that the explosion was apparently caused by a rocket, not her. When the Paz in TPP was revealed to be a phantom, we pretty much just discarded the whole ordeal as a guilt trip. HOWEVER! In the Truth ending of The Phantom Pain, if you pay attention, you will notice that it shows Venom pulling the first bomb out, then Paz jumping out, then it for some reason flashes back to Venom Snake handing Big Boss the bomb he removed, and when it flashes backwards, the explosion has already happened. What would be the purpose in that cut back to Venom handing over the bomb being in that spot, long after the surgery scene, if they weren't trying to conceal something in that section of the scene? If you pay attention, you will notice that Paz is perfectly intact after the explosion [[1]]
This was not the case in Ground Zeroes.
I propose to you that Venom Snake was correct about removing the second bomb! In fact, if you think about it, it was never stated that anything other than Paz and the hospital room were hallucinations in the Paz subplot. I think the Paz subplot's gist was to unblock certain memories from Venom's mind. Thus the whole having Paz explain stories around certain mementos thing. Paz did not explode. However, she most likely still died as it was stated in one of Chico's tapes that organs such as her stomach were removed to make room for the bombs. But this is just one tape. If you will think back to Peace Walker, it stated in a tape that Kaz wrote Love Deterrence, in Japanese. But then in The Phantom Pain, they swapped the authorship over to Paz, which essentially made the version we heard in Peace Walker non-canon, as Paz's version was most likely in Spanish. They changed the canon. For those of you who have paid close attention to news in Konami, they are planning another Metal Gear Solid, and their official website has a recruitment page for it. If the next one follows Big Boss, or Venom Snake, and they wanted Paz to return, they could just change the canon and remove the part about organ removal from it, since it was just one tape that most people probably didn't listen to.
OR, maybe they just showed us that Paz did not explode to provide peace of mind for those who were depressed about her death.
There would be the issue of how Teeth got embedded into Venom's body, but that could have really belonged to anyone besides Venom and BB on the chopper. Chico died, and he probably got bashed against some things pretty damn hard.

But, as I said, they at least changed the canon in The Phantom Pain to show that Venom Snake was indeed right about Paz not exploding. But, she probably still died. That's up for you to decide. It's all up to you. Because, as TPP itself stated:
"There are no facts, only interpretations" - Friedrich Nietzsch
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