Dates Events
World War II The Imperial Japanese Armed Forces experiences a significant food shortage, which is implied to have cost them dearly during the war. [1]
A secret pact is concluded between the Philosophers that deals with the construction of world order after the Axis Powers are defeated. The American, Chinese, and the Russian factions of the Philosophers pool their assets in order to secure victory in the war and agree to distribute them after the end of the war. [2]
Late 1940s The massacres at the Ukraine end. [2]
Night vision goggles are developed. [2]
Kenneth Baker is born. [3]
Roy Campbell is born. [3]


Dates Events
March The Katyn Forest Massacre. Joseph Stalin orders the NKVD to execute 20,000 Polish soldiers near the Katyn Forest, Western Ukraine, and Belarus. Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin takes part in the massacre. [2]
September 7 The Blitz. Nazi Germany begins a period of strategic bombing of the United Kingdom. [1]


Dates Events
June 22 Nazi Germany invades the Soviet Union. [4]
July The Special Air Service of the British Army is formed. Their motto, "Who Dares, Wins," is a tribute to The Boss. [4]
The SAS perform a dummy run on Heliopolis (where the RAF HQ in Cairo was located). The Boss is especially responsible for the organization of this mission. [2]
November 16 - 17 Operation Squatter, night bombing raid in North Africa, executed by the SAS. The Boss helps to organize the attacks. [2]
December 7 The Imperial Japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor. The United States declares war on Japan. [4]
December 30 The Boss and David Oh lose a close friend and fellow member of Layforce in Egypt. [5]
The end of Kurapaty. [2]


Dates Events
June 13 The Office of Strategic Services, predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency, is opened. Agents supposedly utilize cow suits to spy on enemy units during World War II. [2][6]
August The Manhattan Project begins. Hal Emmerich's grandfather is assigned to work on the project. [4][3]
August 21 The German Army besieges the city of Stalingrad. [4]
December 2 Physicist Enrico Fermi splits an atom in a nuclear reactor, generating the first artificial nuclear fission chain reaction. [4]
The Boss forms the Cobra Unit during the Battle of Stalingrad, an elite unit that would play a pivotal role in key Allied victories during the darkest days of World War II. [4]
Albert Camus's novel The Stranger is released. [7]
Code Talker helps create the U.S. military code talkers' cipher book. [8]


Dates Events
February 2 The Battle of Stalingrad ends with a Soviet victory. [4]
April The Wehrmacht later stumble upon 4,000 of the dead soldiers at Katyn Forest, and immediately blame the Soviet Union, only for the Soviets to blame Germany instead. [2]
Acting on false information from the Soviet Union, The Boss is sent to Los Alamos to assassinate alleged Nazi saboteur, John von Neumann. Distracted by her newly discovered pregnancy, The Boss is wounded and falls into a coma for three months. [9]


Dates Events
June V-1 rockets fall on London. [4]
June 6 D-Day: The Allied Forces dispatch the Cobra Unit into Normandy, to partake in a mission to destroy V2 missile installations. The Boss gives birth to Adamska (Ocelot), with The Sorrow as the father. The baby is eventually taken by the Philosophers. [4][2]
July 21 - August 8 Invasion of Guam. M2 flamethrowers first see use. [2]
August 1 - October 2 Warsaw Uprising. Gustava Heffner's mother spends days in the sewers under the city after fleeing from the Nazis. [10]


Dates Events
The battleship USS Missouri fights in the Pacific Theater of World War II. [11]
March 9 - 10 Tokyo air raid. 381,300 cluster bombs are dropped on Tokyo. [1]
July 16 The first nuclear test, codenamed "Trinity", is conducted in Alamogordo at Los Alamos. [4]
August 6 Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima. Huey Emmerich is born. [4] [4][3]
August 9 Atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki. [4]
August 15 Japan surrenders. World War II ends; the Cold War begins. [4]
September 2 Vietnam declares independence. [4]
In the aftermath of World War II, Boris Volgin, the man who was in charge of laundering the Philosophers' funds, monopolizes their assets during the postwar chaos. The Philosophers' Legacy is dispersed and laundered through banks in countries across the world, including Switzerland, Austria, and Hong Kong. It will later fall into the hands of his son. [2]
The three branches of the Philosophers start to split up, which brings even more tension to the Cold War. [2]


Dates Events
February 14 ENIAC, the world's first electronic computer, is unveiled. [4]
The first model of the AK-47 assault rifle is completed. [2]
Kazuhira Miller is born. [12]


Dates Events
May 3 Japan enacts Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution to renounce war, as well as being unable to maintain an army. [1]
June / July The Roswell UFO incident. [13]
September 2 The Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance is signed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [1]
September 18 The Central Intelligence Agency is created. [4]
October 14 Pilot Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier in the Bell X-1. [4]
The Boss disbands the Cobra Unit due to tensions between the Philosophers. [4][14]


Dates Events
March 12 - April 24 The Costa Rican Civil War. A rebel army under commander José Figueres Ferrer leads an armed uprising against the Costa Rican government, which it quickly defeats. Paz Ortega Andrade's grandparents are supposedly killed during the war. [1]
June 16 The Malayan Emergency. The SAS is deployed to stop the Malayan National Liberation Army. [2]
December 1 José Figueres Ferrer's provisional junta abolishes the Costa Rican army, becoming a "nation without a military." Figueres is known for his pro-American stance. [1]


Dates Events
April 4 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is formed. [4]
May Germany is divided into East and West Germany. [4]
June George Orwell publishes 1984. [4][5]
August The USSR tests their first nuclear bomb in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, and becomes the world's second nuclear power. [4]
October 1 The Chinese Civil War ends in a Communist victory. The People's Republic of China is formed. [4]
October 11 Costa Rica enacts Article 12 of its Constitution: "The army as a permanent institution is abolished." [1]
The AK-47 becomes the standard assault rifle of the Soviet military. [2]

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