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Dates Events
Circa 1950 Pacifica Ocean (Paz Ortega Andrade) is born. [1]
November 12th, Early '50s Peter Stillman is born. [2][3]
The Boss's horse is born. [1]


Dates Events
June 1950 - July 1953 Korean War. Jack becomes The Boss's disciple. [4]
Jack fights in the war. [5]
U.S. President Truman orders production of a slew of nuclear warheads. [5]
The French movie Les Enfants Terribles is released. [6]


Dates Events
March MOSSAD is reorganized as the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations in Israel. [5]
November 1 The "Buster Dog" atomic test is conducted at Area 7 in Nevada, with U.S. Army troops participating. The Boss is exposed to high levels of radiation. [4][7][5]


Dates Events
Werner von Braun proposes the Mars Project, his plan to send men into space. [5]
June 19 The U.S. Army Special Forces "Green Berets" is first organized. [5]
October 3 The United Kingdom tests its first nuclear bomb, becoming the world's third nuclear power. [1]
November 4 The National Security Agency (NSA) is established. [4]
English mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing is arrested for practicing homosexuality, an illegal act under UK laws at the time. [1]
The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is founded in Livermore, California by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), for the purpose of research and development of nuclear weapons. [5]


Dates Events
April Watson and Crick discover the double helix structure of DNA. [4]
May 25 The movie It Came from Outer Space is released. [7]
June 16 - 17 The Uprising in East Germany. Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin takes part in the suppression. [7]
June 27 End of the Korean War. [7]
September 7 Nikita Khrushchev becomes the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. [4]
November 9 The Laotian Civil War begins. The United States Marine Corps sniper duo Glaz and Palitz participate in the war. [8]
December First issue of Playboy magazine is published. [9]


Dates Events
January 12 Secretary of State John Foster Dulles announces the New Look policy (the so-called "massive retaliation strategy"). [4]
January 21 The USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine, is launched. [4]
March 1 The first U.S. test of a hydrogen bomb, Operation Castle Bravo, is detonated in Bikini Atoll. Jack is rendered sterile after involvement in the testing. [4][7]
March 13 The KGB (Committee for State Security) is formed in the Soviet Union. [4]
March 13 - May 7 The Battle of Dien Bien Phu. The French garrison of Dien Bien Phu falls, signaling the victory of the Viet Nimh. France pulls out of Indochina. [4]
June 1 The start of CIA involvement in Vietnam. [10]
July The Japan Self-Defense Forces are formed. [1]
November 1 The Algerian War of Independence begins. [1]
September 17 William Golding's novel The Lord of the Flies is released. [11]
The Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee, the first flying platform prototype is created by the United States. [7]
The MAZ-535 Soviet army truck is developed in the Soviet Union. [7]
Isaac Asimov's novel The Caves of Steel is released. [9]
The Japanese movie Godzilla is released. [4]


Dates Events
February 26 The USS Missouri is decommissioned and placed into the Pacific Reserve Fleet. [9]
April 18 Albert Einstein dies, begging for the end of nuclear weapons. [4]
May 11 The movie Bride of the Monster is released. [10]
August 3 The First World Conference against atomic/hydrogen bombs in Hiroshima. [5]
December 24 NORAD first sets up the NORAD Tracks Santa program [1]
First successful liftoff of a Flying Platform in America. [7]
The race to conquer space begins. [7]


Dates Events
February 5 The movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers is released. [7]
October 23 — November 10 The Hungarian Revolution. Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin takes part in the suppression. [7]


Dates Events
July 29 The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is established to oversee peaceful as well as military applications of atomic power. [8]
August The USSR successfully launches the first intercontinental ballistic missile, the R-7. [4]
September 29 The Kyshtym Nuclear Disaster in the Ural Mountains. Elisa is caught in the nuclear fallout and is taken to a lab in East Germany, in which she is subjected to ESP experiments. There, she develops her alternate personality, Ursula. [10]
October 4 The USSR launches Sputnik I, the first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite, resulting in the "Sputnik Shock." [4]
December 14 The movie The Bridge on the River Kwai is released. [7]
December 17 The U.S. launches its first successful ICBM, the Atlas A. [5]
The first ever HALO school in the United States military is established. The Boss is invited to teach at the school. [7]
SS-1C enters service. [7]
The Zu-23 is first produced. [7]


Dates Events
February 1 America launches its first satellite, the Explorer I. [4]
February 7 The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) is created. Its creation is directly attributed to the launching of Sputnik and to U.S. realization that the Soviet Union had developed the capacity to rapidly exploit military technology. [7]
July 29 NACA is dissolved. NASA is established. Work doesn't begin until October 1. [4]
August 29 The movie The Fly is released. [7]
October 1 NASA begins operation. [4]
The USSR launches the Vostok Program, the first human spaceflight program. [7]
Mountain Dew is developed. [1]
The Da Nang Air Base is established. [1]


Dates Events
January 1 The Cuban Revolution: The 26th of July Movement overthrows Batista's government. [4][1]
The United States launches Project Mercury, the first human spaceflight program of the United States. [7][1]
June 12 The Boss abandons Jack on a mission without explanation. She is called in to be part of a secret mission by the President to sabotage various Soviet projects, as well as participate in the Mercury Lady project by NASA. [12][1]
July The movie The Alligator People is released. [7]
July 28 The movie North by Northwest is released. [7]
October The University of Minnesota professor Mordecai Roshwald publishes the novel Level 7. [4]
October 6th The Luna 3 takes pictures of the dark side of the moon. [4]
December American movie On the Beach released. [4]
The United States uses the Da Nang Air Base as one of their major air bases. [1]
The Tiger Stripe Camo is adopted by the South Vietnamese Marine Corps. [7]
The Obyekt 279 tank is commissioned for the Red Army, but cancelled by Krushchev due to both favoring long-range missiles and budget constraints. Colonel Volgin of GRU later procures the designs and mass-produces the tanks at Tselinoyarsk. [7]
The Soviet Union halts supply of aid to China in nuclear weapons development, resulting in hydrogen bomb and space rocket projects falling behind. This fuels the Chinese Philosophers' desire to recover the Philosophers' Legacy. [7]

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    The Boss: Jack, is that you? How many years has it been? // Naked Snake: Boss?? // The Boss: That's right, it's me. // Naked Snake: ... // The Boss: Talk to me. Let me hear your voice. // Naked Snake: It's been 5 years, 72 days, and 18 hours.

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