Peace Walker Mayan Ruin

The Mayan pyramid housing the AI lab.

The AI lab was a Peace Sentinel facility located inside an ancient Mayan pyramid in Costa Rica, used for the development of AI such as the Mammal Pod.


The lab had a security gate that allowed personnel access to the AI lab via their ID cards, though Dr. Strangelove, the Peace Sentinel's AI developer, could lock out certain cards if necessary. The lab contained advanced computer equipment used to develop the AI pods, including the Mammal Pod. Several other buildings were also located near the main pyramid. The pyramid alone was tall enough to be seen as far away as the Crater Base.


Peace Walker Incident

Main article: Peace Walker Incident

In 1974, ornithologist Cécile Cosima Caminades stumbled upon the AI lab while recording the calls of a Quetzal. She ended up recording one of the simulations of the Mammal Pod held by Dr. Strangelove, and was captured shortly thereafter. Cécile later managed to escape and caught a brief glimpse of the lab's interior, before making it out of facility and escaping with a stolen ID card.

Militaires Sans Frontières commander Naked Snake later accessed the AI lab in order to shut down the Mammal Pod and halt Peace Walker's production. Paz Ortega Andrade, when questioned by Snake about the location, told him that there were various undiscovered ruins in Costa Rica, and that she couldn't recall seeing ruins of that size. Snake first attempted to use Huey Emmerich's ID card to bypass the security system, but it failed due to Strangelove having locked out his identity. He then proceeded to disarm a CIA mercenary who had earlier confiscated Cécile's card, and used that to enter the lab. There, Snake was confronted by Strangelove, and upon being goaded by her, attempted to destroy the Mammal Pod, but ultimately passed out due to the shock of hearing The Boss's haunting voice from the AI. Snake came to outside the lab shortly thereafter, only to discover that the Peace Sentinel had managed to transport the Mammal Pod away. He was then forced to contend with the Chrysalis AI weapon, which he and the MSF succeeded in destroying. The MSF were also forced to use their nightvision equipment and surround indicator radar in their battle with the AI weapon, due to an intense fog at the time of the battle.

Behind the scenes


Concept artwork for the Mayan ruins and security gate.

In the Official Art Works book for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, some unused concept artworks, namely that of AI lab workers, implied that the AI lab was originally intended to be a fully playable level and not simply an arena to fight Chrysalis.


Locate the ID Card

"Miller: Snake, to gain access to the lab you'll need an ID card. You can get one from a guard in an orange jacket stationed in an area where you can hear quetzals singing. To get the ID card from the soldier, do a body check. You've got to get inside that lab before the AI gets shipped out. Get a move on!"
―Mission select briefing for "Locate the ID Card."

Chrysalis Battle

"Snake, that's the Chrysalis weapon Huey was referring to. You know what to do!"
―Mission select briefing for "Chrysalis Battle"

[114] Weapon Battle: Chrysalis Type II

"Miller: This is a high-risk mission. You'll be facing some powerful opposition. But it's nothing you can't handle. Believe in yourself."
―Mission select briefing for "[114] AI Weapon Battle: Chrysalis Type II"

[115] Weapon Battle: Chrysalis Custom

"Miller: This is a high-risk mission. You'll be facing some powerful opposition. But it's nothing you can't handle. Believe in yourself."
―Mission select briefing for "[115] AI Weapon Battle: Chrysalis Custom"

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