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Metal gear cardset 2

The AKM is a weapon card featured in Metal Gear Acid.

Card details

  • Name: AKM
  • Type: Weapon
  • Number: 032
  • Pack: MGS3
  • Cost: 8
  • Reality: ++++

  • Machine Gun: Anti-armor, EQUIP type
  • ATK:60 HIT:50%
  • Ammo:7.62mmX3 REA:40%
  • HIT % decrease at: 4 blocks
  • Notes: HIT +10% for every card in hand when firing.
    After EQUIPPING, load with ammunition and fire (EQUIP type).

An assault rifle adopted in 1959 as the successor to the AK-47. Fitted with a small muzzle attachment that controls the kickback of the muzzlle during repeat firing.

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