Peace Walker

AL-Aurelia 8000 (a.k.a. Peace Walker).

AL-Aurelia 8000, also known as the Reptile Pod, was one of two artificial intelligences that controlled the Peace Walker unmanned weapon.



In the early 1970s, AL-Aurelia 8000 was created by Huey Emmerich as part of the Peace Walker Project. The designation "AL" originated with the project's leader, CIA Station Chief Hot Coldman, who based the initials on those of Abraham Lincoln, one of the four U.S. Presidents depicted on Mount Rushmore.

Peace Walker Incident

Main article: Peace Walker Incident

In 1974, AL-Aurelia was destroyed in the aftermath of Peace Walker's battle with the Militaires Sans Frontières.

Post-Peace Walker

A more advanced AI was created by the Patriots in the 2000s, designated AL, the initials of which shared the same origin as AL-Aurelia 8000.

Behind the scenes

Despite AL-Aurelia 8000's destruction during the storyline of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, it is present in the Mark II and Custom Extra Ops, where the player can also retrieve its memory boards for the MSF's Metal Gear ZEKE. In addition, its implied during these missions that AL-Aurelia 8000 is the one operating the nuclear launch modes in these missions, as the Mammal Pod is absent and yet Peace Walker still occasionally enters nuclear launch mode.

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