"Embracing your hopes, preserving talent."
―ATGC company motto[src]
Genome Soldiers

The gene therapy developed by ATGC was used to create the Genome Soldiers.

ATGC Inc. was a major biotechnology company located in an industrial zone on the West Coast of the United States known as BioTech Bay. "ATGC" is an abbreviation of the nucleobases adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine, which compose DNA.


The company was known to have connections to DARPA, who in turn had close links to the private intelligence agency Cipher. In the 1970s, ATGC successfully cloned a human being for the project Les Enfants Terribles, headed by genetic researcher Dr. Clark. ATGC eventually dismantled the project in 1976 and their account with DARPA was closed.

ATGC later worked on a joint project with the Pentagon to develop gene therapy for the Next-Generation Special Forces. Naomi Hunter joined ATGC as an expert on gene therapy, and was responsible for injecting FOXDIE into Solid Snake during the Shadow Moses Incident.



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