Amputation is the condition in which a living organism like a human or animal loses a limb usually by severing.


Warning: The following information is from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

The FOX interrogation specialist Cunningham had lost his right foot in a prior mission by the CIA, which also forced him into retirement from active duty and placed him into a desk job, which also acted as one of the reasons why Cunningham was willing to betray the CIA for the DOD.

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The KGB agent Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zadornov had his right hand amputated and replaced with a bionic prosthetic, which he implied was from a mission that was important enough to have been awarded a medal from the Secretary-General.

Venom Snake had his left arm removed between March 16, 1975 and his awakening from a coma in February 26, 1984, due to damage sustained by bearing the brunt of an explosion caused by Paz Ortega Andrade's bomb going off.

Kazuhira Miller's right arm and left foot were forcibly amputated by the Soviets during an interrogation sequence in 1984, thus permanently forcing him out of the battlefield. Although he technically could replace his lost limbs to return to the battlefield, he opted not to, preferring the phantom pain so he could continue remembering why he needed revenge against Cipher.

Skull Face, shortly before his demise, had his right arm and left foot blown off by Miller via Venom Snake and Skull Face's discarded lever-action rifle, a reference to the injuries Miller sustained earlier due to the Parasite Unit wiping out the Mujahideen unit and resulting in his capture by the Soviets where he lost both limbs from torture, as well as out of revenge for Skull Face's role in the Mother Base attack nine years ago.

Although not an amputee herself, Strangelove speculated before her death that she might become one if she placed her arm at the entry hatch for The Boss AI before it closed when she was sealed inside by Huey Emmerich, as well as expressed regret for not doing that earlier even with her knowledge of the risks since it would have at least offered her a chance to escape the fate of being trapped inside.[1]

Although Big Boss never actually lost any limbs at any point in his combat career, he nonetheless was rumored to have sustained cybernetics as a result of the Outer Heaven uprising replacing all of his limbs.

Gray Fox, after he sustained massive injuries from his fight with Solid Snake in Zanzibar Land, had at the very least his right arm removed and replaced with a prosthetic, when being turned into a Cyborg Ninja by Dr. Clarke.

Revolver Ocelot lost his right forearm after Gray Fox interfered with his duel with Solid Snake, although Ocelot escaped with his arm in tow. Fox himself would later have his right arm sheared off from the shoulder by REX's laser. Ocelot later had the forearm replaced with Liquid Snake's right forearm after the latter died from FOXDIE via an arm transplant procedure in Lyons, France. However, this came with the side effect of his seemingly being possessed by Liquid Snake's ghost, becoming Liquid Ocelot at brief intervals. This arm was later removed by Ocelot in an attempt to restore his psyche, alongside with what remained of his original arm, replacing it with a cybernetic arm.

The bomb disposal expert Peter Stillman was believed to have lost his leg in his failure to diffuse a bomb planted at a certain famous church in New York City, although this was later revealed to be false and faked by Stillman to avoid dealing with the ruining of his reputation. Nonetheless, he managed to make sounds similar to a peg-leg to infer that he was a peg-leg.

Solidus Snake had all of his skin and limbs removed, both to supply limb and skin donations to Big Boss, and to act as a ruse for his father.

Raiden lost all of his body from the bottom jaw down from experimentation by the Patriots to become a Cyborg Ninja. He later had his left arm amputated during the Twin Suns mission at Shadow Moses Island, willingly doing so in an attempt to save Solid Snake's life from Outer Haven (as Raiden had been trapped underneath rubble), as well as losing his remaining arm when crushed by Outer Haven in a sacrificial effort to stop the ship long enough for Snake to get to safety.

Warning: The following information is from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

Raiden would later lose his right arm again four years later, in a duel with Samuel Rodrigues, with Raiden expressing irritation at losing it again. Rodrigues himself had lost his right arm in a duel with Steven Armstrong two years earlier, where the senator managed to use an amputation that Rodrigues inflicted upon him seconds earlier to have his stubbed arm act as a makeshift blade and savagely impale the arm, while also repairing his own arm due to his nanomachines.

The cyborg commanders, who similar to Raiden had been experimented on by the Patriots before their downfall, had their left arms amputated by them and replaced with cybernetic versions that contained, among other things, backup data for the Patriots' various activities. Raiden later forcibly amputated them from the commanders as part of a favor to Doktor.

Because Raiden was forced to cut the Guyanese boy George down to save his life from a sociopathic researcher for Desperado Enforcement LLC. in Mexico, his left arm down to the shoulder was cut off, requiring that he wear cybernetics.

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Behind the scenes

The Captain in Metal Gear Survive has their left arm amputated as a result of the wormhole closing on them while trying to save Seth. Because they had been infected beforehand by the Death Dust, the arm regenerates while they are comatose.

Notes and references

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    Strangelove: If only I tried to get out sooner... (scoffs) Perhaps I'd have made it. Why didn't I stop the hatch from closing? Even if it meant losing an arm?

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