Antifreeze glycopeptides are a type of glycoprotein.

When antifreeze glycopeptides are mixed into body fluids, the fluids will not freeze even at subzero temperatures because glycoproteins stick to the edge of any ice crystals that form, preventing further crystallization. Fish that live in deep-sea and polar waters have antifreeze glycopeptides in their fluids, allowing them to swim without freezing to death.

During the Shadow Moses Incident, Solid Snake was given an injection of antifreeze glycopeptides by Naomi Hunter, to prevent him from freezing to death in the subzero Alaskan waters. The Genome Soldiers also used antifreeze glycopeptides for the Metal Gear REX exercises on Shadow Moses Island.[1]


Notes and references

  1. ^ Metal Gear Solid, Konami Computer Entertainment Japan (1998).
    Naomi Hunter: An anti-freezing glycopeptide, Snake. All the Genome Soldiers in this exercise are using it.

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