In 1984, an arms dealer scheduled a meeting with a CFA executive at Nova Braga Airport, Central Africa.


The arms dealer claimed to be an envoy for a major weapons manufacturer, although not even the Diamond Dogs' Intel Team was able to verify whether the claim was true or not due to not being able to ID him.[1] The arms dealer planned to use the airport as the trading point to sell nukes that could be assembled anywhere without specialized facilities or without high-grade yellowcake. He planned to sell to both UNITA and to MPLA and to get special favors from them such as mining rights in the area. The arms dealer called this proposed deal "the next phase." According to what the arms dealer told Kazuhira Miller after being extracted, he worked in logistics with the South African Army, but he was headhunted by SANR. The CFA executive also referred to the dealer as "President", though Miller later revealed that he wasn't the president and didn't even know what the actual head of SANR looked like.[2]

Diamond Dogs quickly got wind of this meeting and were hired to take out the CFA executive the arms dealer was meeting with, although Miller when informing Snake of the mission implied that assassinating the executive was more of an excuse to get close to the arms dealer and try to glean more information regarding Skull Face's plans.[3]

Personality and traits

The arms dealer was a cigarette smoker.[4] He was also shown to be aware of the events that went on at the Mfinda Oil Field, including both the formation of Eli's Army and the vocal cord parasite outbreak, which caused the CFA executive some irritation when he tried to deny it. He also expressed some disgust at the CFA Executive's hypocrisy regarding his blaming colonial governments for the fighting when the Executive himself had taken part in it for money.

Behind the scenes

The Arms Dealer is one of two key targets in the main mission The War Economy in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The player can assassinate him, extract him or ignore him. If they chose to extract the arms dealer, he will be recruited into Diamond Dogs after being released from the brig. In addition, the mission will also have a debriefing where Miller will explain he threw the arms dealer into the brig for the time being, and also revealed that he was just another cog in the machine, and that he wasn't actually the president of SANR. Extracting both will have Miller give this portion of the debriefing after the portion of the debriefing relating to the CFA executive. If Venom Snake interrogates the arms dealer, he'll admit to not running the company.[5]



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