The arowana is an ancient fish that lives in tropical freshwater area, acting as fossil fishes. Ancient fishes like the arowana are living fossils; they have hardly changed forms since the Devonian and Jurassic periods. Other ancient fish besides the arowana include the coelacanth, the startlet, and knifefish. Almost all organisms on earth have evolved in shapes and forms, but these fish have kept the same form hundreds of millions of years.

Several arowana were found in Chyornyj Prud, as well as in Tikhogornyj in Tselinoyarsk, Soviet Union, during Operation Snake Eater in 1964. The FOX Operative Naked Snake, when learning about them from Para-Medic, expressed interest largely because of their size, as their large size implies that it would make a satisfying meal. He's also satisfied to learn that it tasted "as good as any other fish" when he asked Para-Medic.

Eight years later, Snake, rechristened Big Boss, as part of a competition with Kazuhira Miller, a then-freelance mercenary/drill sergeant of a rebel group in Colombia, ended up having a knife-fishing (originally bamboo spear-fishing, although Snake ended up changing the rules) contest in a fishing hole with Arowana in it, with Snake winning due to getting the largest Arowana. They also competed to see who could eat the Arowana the fastest, with Snake winning due to using the Survival Viewer, to Miller's shock and disgust.

Two years afterwards, during the 1974 Peace Walker Incident, Big Boss, while traversing through Central Heredia, briefly fished for Arowana at a riverbank while being briefed by Paz, Huey, and Miller, eventually catching one and feasting on it, although he nearly ended up spotted by the AI weapon Chrysalis.

Behind the scenes

  • Ration Name: FISH C
  • Initial Taste: Tasty
  • Danger Level: None
  • Stamina Recovery: Moderate
  • Capture: No

The arowana is first found in Chyornyj Prud, and is last found in Tikhogornyj. Because of its size, it cannot be captured alive although Snake is seen eating it alive after he first captures it. Before its debut in Snake Eater, Snake was also briefly seen eating an Arowana in the beginning of the Metal Gear Solid 3 Instruction Manga.

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