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The Battle Gear was a weapon created by Huey Emmerich in 1984 for the Diamond Dogs. It possessed a rail gun, a machine gun, and exhibited magnetic levitation technology. It served a similar purpose that Metal Gear ZEKE did for Militaires Sans Frontières, acting as a special weapon that could be deployed alongside troops in external operations, as well as a deterrent to enemy forces.

Venom Snake, when first hearing the proposal, privately remarked to Kazuhira Miller that he was having a sense of déjà vu. Despite this, he proceeded to okay the development of Battle Gear.

Behind the scenes

According to Hideo Kojima's notes in the Piggyback Collector's Edition Guide's art gallery, the Battle Gear, aside from the Combat Deployment Missions, was also originally intended to actually be usable during the game when playing on the actual field. However, it was removed because during test runs for the game, its presence disrupted the gameplay balance.

An audio file of Ocelot detailing the use of Battle Gear in combat has been found while data mining the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: "The Battle Gear is an armored weapon developed to take on hostile bipedal weapon systems. You can alter its maneuverability by changing its posture. In travel mode, it's as nimble as a horse, whereas in fire mode you can move while keeping an eye on the area in front of you. It's armed with a railgun and a heavy machinegun. If you like, we can look into adding other weapons too".[1] In addition, dummied data from the game that presumably related to the Battle Gear when it was playable suggested that the extent of its armament would have included HYBRID PT SYSTEM; AT-DRIVE MODULE; IT-CONTROL UNIT; BTG RAIL-GUN; BTG GATLING-30mm; BTG POWER-ARM; BTG H-MISSILE; and BTG P-WAVE SHIELD.[2][3]

Battle Gear possessed a small AI head module with a single optical lens, similar to the one present on D-Walker.


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