Boktai, known in Japan as Bokura no Taiyō, is a portable console action RPG series made by Konami, and was produced by Hideo Kojima in 2003.

A series that can be faithfully described as Castlevania meets Metal Gear with its own merits, Boktai is an overhead action adventure RPG about Django, a young adventuring vampire hunter, occasionally armed with a family heirloom known as the Gun del Sol, a magical gun that can harness and absorb the rays of the sun to be used as a weapon, and accompanied by the manifestation of the Sun's will itself, the terrestrial spirit Otenko. In his quests, they frequently see him off on adventures in his world where vampires and the undead are powerful creatures known as "The Immortals", that threaten the existence of all life, and often, they tie into the affairs of his recently deceased father and vampire hunter, Ringo.

Boktai uniquely makes the use of a cartridge built in Solar Sensor to use real life sunlight in the game's mechanics. While combat in various series vary by weapon, they often see Django face off against the undead, enchanting his arms with the power of the sun to vanquish them, and use various sneaking and stealth maneuvering tactics to outdo his adversaries.


References of Metal Gear

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