Bon Curry is a brand of curry manufacturer in Japan, formed on February 12, 1968. Originally exclusive to the Hanshin district of Japan, it was the first commercialized meal brand to feature a retort pouch. Initial releases had 180 grams per serving, as well as each package containing one serving. Other products in the line included Bon Curry Gold 21 (released in 2001) and Bon Curry Neo (released on February 12, 2009 as part of the company's 41st anniversary).

The Bon Curry Gold 21, as indicated by the name, was launched with the intent of improving the quantity and quality of the food to set "a standard of curry" for the 21st century. This included implementing various flavors that were characterized not only by how spicy they were, but also their individual tastes, which included amakuchi, chūkara, karakuchi, and netsukara (which were a fruity-mild curry, a strong-but-flavorful medium-spicy curry, a spicy dry curry, and a hot and delicious ultra-spicy flavor, respectively). Each serving was composed of 210 grams, and each package had one serving.

The Bon Curry Neo was deliberately tailored to taste just like it was homemade by a loving mom within the family, and was also designed to evoke evolution with the times while retaining its original roots. It can also be cooked in a microwave for two minutes. It had the same servings and gram amounts as Bon Curry Gold 21.

Relation to the Metal Gear series

Three Bon Curry products (the original Bon Curry, Bon Curry Gold 21, and Bon Curry Neo), alongside Mountain Dew, Pepsi NEX, AXE Body Spray, Doritos and magazines from Weekly Famitsu, Dengeki PlayStation, Dengeki Games, and Weekly Shōnen Magazine were included in the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker as a joke on product placement.[1] In the overseas versions, Bon Curry was replaced by the curry (specifically, Curry, Great Curry, and Future Curry, respectively). In addition, supplemental materials such as briefing files covering Bon Curry and the retort pouch it was contained inside were cut from the overseas versions altogether, presumably for the same reason why Bon Curry and its variants themselves were replaced. On a related note, each of the Bon Curry descriptions on the Mother Base item description had the same flavor text regardless of what was selected, while their counterparts in the overseas release had a slightly different flavor text depending on the curry type selected. For their model viewer descriptions, it was the opposite: The English versions, besides slight alterations, had the same overall description, while in Japan, each model viewer description for the item was completely unique.

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