Boss is the name of a coffee brewing and manufacturing company that sold coffee and coffee-flavored beverages, based in Japan. It was owned by Suntory, created in 1992, and was one of many companies that sold Japanese canned coffee.

Relation to Metal Gear

The company entered a collaboration with Konami/Kojima Productions to develop products promoting Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which included eight boxes, a can, a free t-shirt, and a beach ball modeled after a Fulton surface-to-air recovery system balloon.

On February 2016, they entered another collaboration, this time involving coasters containing special codes, and will run from February 9 to the 29th.[1][2] In addition, they also sponsored a tournament for Metal Gear Online in Japan called "The Big Boss Cup", with prizes for winners and runner ups including a ! Mark hat, a Big Boss title, a 185x case of BOSS luxury sweetened canned coffee plus thirty books, and a limited edition T-shirt bearing the Boss Coffee x Metal Gear logo for the winners, and a ? Mark Hat for the runner ups, respectively. It was to be held all February.[3]

Winning Prizes
Runner Up Prizes

On September 2016, they entered a third collaboration, this time including special bandanas.[4][5][6]


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