Outer Heaven bull tank

Bull Tank

Bulldozers are a type of construction equipment used for moving large piles of earth or demolishing old buildings. They are known for having a huge shovel-scraper at the front. Although they are normally used for civilian purposes, various militaries have utilized it for warfare purposes, such as tearing down enemy walls.

Bull Tank

A large armored bulldozer-tank hybrid utilized by the mercenary nation of Outer Heaven. It was utilized to eliminate intruders and presumably for use in construction and combat. Solid Snake, during Operation Intrude N313, encountered a bull tank that was deployed in the first floor of Building 2 of the fortress of Outer Heaven. He managed to destroy it with grenades from an M79 grenade launcher.

Caterpillar D9

An armored bulldozer utilized by the Israeli Defense Forces. Nicknamed "Doobi" (Hebrew for "teddy bear"), the Caterpillar D9 has a horsepower of 405-410 and a drawbar pull of 71.6 metric tons, and are largely utilized by the IDF's TZAMA (Mechanical Engineering Equipment) units of the Israeli Engineering Corps. One of its modifications was the inclusion of an Israeli-made armor kit, and its cockpit windows were bulletproof and protected the driver from bombs, machine guns, and snipers. It later possessed Slat armor to protect it from RPG-7 fire.

It was used for a variety of tasks such as earthworks, moatdigging, house demolition, erecting sand barriers, building fortifications, working with the M88 recovery vehicles to rescue overturned, stuck or damaged armored vehicles, mine sweeping, detonating IEDs and explosives, clearing routes, and destroying obstacles even under fire. It came in three varieties: The D9L, the D9M, and the D9R, the last one being the only one being used mainstream, with the first two mostly being used in reserves. It was first introduced in 1954, being used in civil engineering before being brought into the IDF. It later participated in various wars, including the Sinai War, Six Days War, Yom Kippur War, Operation Peace for Galilee, the Second Intifanda, the Battle of Jenin. Around the 2000s, the D9R was introduced which included new generation armor designed by the IDF's MASHA (Restoration and Maintenance Center) from Israeli Aerospace Center.

During Liquid Ocelot's insurrection against the Patriots in 2014, the Haven Troopers utilized a Caterpillar D9R to break into Advent Palace, the hideout of Rat Patrol Team 01 and Solid Snake, after Johnny Sasaki inadvertently gave away their location by his scope glinting in the sunlight. A D9R was also utilized by the Middle Eastern militiamen when they were attempting to break into the British PMC Praying Mantis's camp at Millennium Park before being ambushed by the Beauty and the Beast Unit. During Liquid's operations in South America, the South American guerillas utilized a D9R bulldozer to break down the Vista Mansion gate so they could storm the French PMC Pieuvre Armement.