Two CFA officials were dispatched to Kiziba Camp to execute the captured Diamond Dogs Intel Team agents. Because of their essentially doing a wetwork assignment, they both wore balaclavas.

They arrived at the Kiziba Camp via APE T-41LV, but were ultimately unable to execute any of the agents due to both being rescued by the Diamond Dogs leader, Venom Snake (as well as one of the agents having escaped earlier), and were also captured themselves by Venom Snake. Upon being brought back to Mother Base, they revealed what their intended mission was, and even provided intel on where the remaining target was located, with Miller reporting this to Venom Snake,[1] which corroborated with the escaped Intel Agent's report regarding the imprisoned agent's location upon being rescued.[2]

Behind the scenes

The CFA officials are two incidental characters in Mission 17: Rescue the Intel Agents in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Extracting them will complete the related mission objective.

Notes and references

  1. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015)
    Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller: We got some information out of that soldier you extracted. His squad was on their way to the encampment to execute the Intel Team member. We also now know where exactly they're keeping the target.
    This radio conversation is supplied after extracting at least one of the CFA officials
  2. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015)
    Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller: Boss, our man you extracted gave us all the intel he could. Now we know exactly where our other agent is being held captive. And he brought back intel on the CFA... guy deserves a raise. Check it on your iDroid.
    This radio conversation is supplied upon retrieving the first Intel Agent.

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