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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

In 2018, 30 cyborgs became commanders within Desperado Enforcement LLC. and World Marshal Inc. Prior to joining and/or the fall of SOP and the dwindling of the war economy in 2014, they had been experimented on by the Patriots, the results of which supplied them with sensitive Patriot-related data installed in prosthetic left hands.[1][2][3][4][5][6] In 2018, Raiden, as part of fulfilling his end of the bargain in exchange for having Doktor supply him with his new cybernetic body after he sustained injuries in a failed mission in Africa, encountered these cyborgs and amputated their arms for Doktor to analyze.

Facial profile ID Age Bloodtype Ethnicity Serial number
Stephen 24 B Caucasian 573 52201 2617
James 29 A Caucasian 573 52202 2617
Abraham 44 B Caucasian 573 52203 2617
Benjamin 37 O African-American 573 52204 2617
William 22 A Caucasian 573 52205 2617
Franklin 31 A Caucasian 573 52206 2617
Thomas 23 AB Caucasian 573 52207 2617
Zachary 21 A Caucasian 573 52208 2617
Harry 30 O Caucasian 573 52209 2617
Lyndon 28 O Caucasian 573 52210 2617
Ulysses 23 B Caucasian 573 52211 2617
Richard 26 A Asian 573 52212 2617
George 31 O Caucasian 573 52213 2617
Rutherford 25 A Caucasian 573 52214 2617
Dwight 33 A Caucasian 573 52215 2617
Martin 28 AB Caucasian 573 52216 2617
Herbert 30 B Caucasian 573 52217 2617
Theodore 24 A Caucasian 573 52218 2617
Donald 34 O Caucasian 573 52219 2617
Gerald 31 B Caucasian 573 52220 2617
Untitled-01-136 Millard 28 A African-American 573 52221 2617
Warren 23 A Caucasian 573 52222 2617
David 35 A Caucasian 573 52223 2617
Barack 38 O African-American 573 52224 2617
Ronald 26 A Caucasian 573 52225 2617
Chester 36 B Caucasian 573 52226 2617
Andrew 39 B Caucasian 573 52227 2617
Frank 32 A Caucasian 573 52228 2617
John 29 O Caucasian 573 52229 2617
Adam 41 A Caucasian 573 52230 2617

Behind the scenes

The commanders are a group of characters in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance that the player needs to encounter to complete 100% of the game. Their identifying marks are a pulsing diamond in AR mode, as well as a green left forearm that required cutting off while in blade mode. These soldiers acts as the game's equivalent to the dog tag-wearing soldiers in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and collecting each of them will result in Raiden getting wigs (both infinity wigs require beating Normal difficulty and collecting 10 Arms for Infinity Wig A, and 20 Arms for Infinity Wig B, while the Blade Mode Wig required beating Hard difficulty with all arms collected), as well as supplying Raiden with the Armor Breaker if all arms are collected.

The data on the arms, when viewing them under the collectibles menu (under identification) shows their identification, serial number, age, and blood. Also, their facial profile, and on the collectibles menu are in slots 23-52. With the exception of Stephen, the first cyborg commander, found near the bridge gate, all of the cyborg commanders, once they have their arms retrieved, will appear as regular soldiers.

During the "Make it Right" viral marketing for Metal Gear Rising, Raiden's first body's left arm had similar functions to the cyborg commanders' left arm, including storing several amounts of classified data relating to the Patriots, leading to the implication that the cyborg commanders may have been mass-productions of the process Raiden became as a cyborg by the Patriots.

Most of the cyborg commanders have the same names as U.S. Presidents. Others also share the same names with founding Patriot members Zero, Donald Anderson and Revolver Ocelot.

With the exception of Stephen, none of the cyborgs are directly stated to be commanders. However, the Piggyback Guide stated that all of the cyborgs with collectible left hands held high ranks.[7]

Notes and references

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