MGSV Dhorse Snake Missiles

D-Horse carries Venom Snake across a battlefield.

D-Horse (Diamond Horse) was a white Andalusian horse owned by the PMC Diamond Dogs during the 1980s.


Phantom Pain Incident

See also: Hospital Escape and Phantom Pain Incident

In 1984, D-Horse was ridden by Ocelot through Dhekelia, Cyprus, in order to rescue Venom Snake. The horse then carried both Ocelot and Snake through a nearby forest, in order to escape from a fiery-winged unicorn-like specter controlled by the Man on Fire. Eventually, the horse and its passengers fell over a collapsing bridge after it was struck by lightning, although all three survived the plunge into the water.

Sometime later, Snake rode D-Horse through the mountainous Khyber Pass into Afghanistan, led by Ocelot on another horse. Snake and D-Horse then proceeded alone into Soviet-occupied territory in order to rescue Kazuhira Miller. After saving Miller, D-Horse was extracted from the combat zone via a Fulton recovery balloon, and made available for Snake's use in future missions with Diamond Dogs.

Behind the scenes


D-Horse is primarily used to traverse large distances quickly in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He first appeared in the GDC 2013 reveal trailer and was first identified in the TGS 2014 demo. D-Horse becomes available as a Buddy immediately after completing the opening prologue, and is the first Buddy available.

D-Horse has 10,000 health and 5,000 stamina. When D-Horse's health falls below 50%, he becomes incapacitated until fully restored. Once restored, D-Horse can be ridden again.

While riding, Snake can use any equipped weapon, and can also lean over and cling onto either side of D-Horse to avoid detection. Additionally, he can be used to provide a diversion when needed to stop enemy vehicles.

D-Horse's appearance can be customized with various tack and armor, which is either unlocked in the game or available as DLC.


D-Horse's bond level can be increased by +1% for every 36 seconds he is ridden.

Skill Requirements Effect
Stay back - D-Horse moves away from your current position.
Whistle - D-Horse comes to your current position.
Do it (defecate) Bond: 50% D-Horse defecates at your current position, which can cause light vehicles to slip.

Using the Whistle command while Snake is sprinting causes D-Horse to run alongside him and allow him to mount, in order to maintain speed.


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