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D-Horse, short for (Diamond Horse), was a white Andalusian horse owned by the PMC Diamond Dogs during the 1980s.

During the attack at the hospital shortly after Venom Snake had just woken up from his nine year coma in 1984, Ocelot brought D-Horse over and rescued Snake, finding him crawling out of an overturned ambulance. Snake then rode the horse with Ocelot as he fended off a fiery winged unicorn-like specter piloted by a ghost from his past. Eventually, the horse and its occupants stumbled upon a collapsing cliff from lightning, although the horse survived.

Sometime later, Snake rode D-Horse over to Afghanistan, accompanied by Ocelot on another, brown horse, in order to rescue Kazuhira Miller, who had been ambushed by Soviet forces. Snake then went ahead with D-Horse as his only partner. After rescuing Miller, D-Horse was extracted via a Fulton recovery balloon and could be deployed as a Buddy at any time.



D-Horse becomes available as a Buddy immediately after completing the opening prologue, and is the first Buddy available.


D-Horse is primarily used to traverse large distances quickly. Additionally, he can be used to provide a diversion when needed to stop enemy vehicles. While riding, Snake can use any equipped weapon. Snake can also lean over and cling onto either side of D-Horse in order to avoid detection.

When D-Horse' health falls below 50%, he becomes incapacitated until fully restored. Once restored, D-Horse can be ridden again.

D-Horse has 10,000 health and 5,000 stamina.

Bond level

D-Horse' bond level can be increased by riding the D-Horse, with +1% added for every 36 seconds he is ridden. Other than that, D-Horse' bond level can be increased by the same means any can be increased.


Skill Requirements Effect
Stay back - D-Horse moves away from your current position.
Whistle - D-Horse comes to your current position.
Do it (defecate) Bond: 50% D-Horse defecates at your current position, which can cause light vehicles to slip.

Behind the scenes

D-Horse first appeared in the GDC 2013 reveal trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, although the horse's role as a character was earlier hinted at with several tests of the Fox Engine. The horse later appeared in both E3 2013 trailers, as well as the E3 2014 demo and Gamescom 2014 demo. The TGS 2014 demo confirmed that the player could use the horse outside of the Afghanistan mission and presumably the Hospital mission and was part of the buddy system in the game. It also confirmed that the horse's name is "D-Horse." Where he is kept when not on a mission is unknown. He is never seen on Mother Base.

During Episode 32 of Kojima Station, while demonstrating some new features for The Phantom Pain, Hideo Kojima stated that players could customize their D-Horse to their liking.[1]

Although earlier sources implied that D-Horse could be killed, the Official PlayStation Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine disputed the claim, citing that D-Horse couldn't be killed from their playthrough. It was also revealed that when whistled while the player was running, D-Horse could sprint alongside them and allow them to mount, so they wouldn't lose speed.


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