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DREBINS was a company formed after the fall of the Sons of the Patriots System by the Drebins, the gun launderers formerly dispatched by the Patriots throughout the world.

When the Patriots created the battlefield control system known as SOP, they also established Drebins arms dealers to sell weapons to non-SOP militant groups on their behalf. By 2014, it was estimated that there were no less than 1,000 Drebins across the world. With the demise of SOP and its control over all military systems, however, the Drebins were freed from the Patriots' yoke.

Following this, the Drebins banded together and formed their own company, DREBINS, and venture into new businesses other than gun laundering. The slogan written on their armored cars is "DREBINS: WE HAVE YOURS," a play on the previous, "EYE HAVE YOU."


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