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DShK turret in Tselinoyarsk, 1964.

The DShK was a large-caliber machine gun turret used by the Soviet Union.

Development and usage

It was officially adopted into the Soviet Union in 1939, and its name was an acronym: The "D" and "Sh" stood for the developers of the turret: Detgrayev and Shpagin, and the "K" was based on the Russian word for "large-caliber." The gun was gas-powered and capable of firing off 550 rounds per minute via a belt feed system, and overall weighed nearly 160kg (350lbs).

They saw action within World War II by the Soviets as anti-aircraft guns and anti-armor guns for scenarios such as position defense, vehicle turrets, and infantry support.

In 1964, the Tselinoyarsk region of the Soviet Union utilized these turrets to guard various areas, including the supply base at Bolshaya Past, the resource cabin within Svyatogornyj, and the rail bridge area of Groznyj Grad. The Shagohod also was equipped with DShK turrets.

Nearly a decade later, the DShKM variant of the DShK turret would be used within Costa Rica and Nicaragua by the Peace Sentinel for a similar purpose, including at the FSLN boathouse, the Fuerte la Ladera area, and the United States Missile Base within Nicaragua. Naked Snake also compared Amanda Valenciano Libre's suggestion to use the DShKM turrets against them in Fuerte la Ladera during a briefing to a similar action in Krasnogorje during Operation Snake Eater.

Behind the scenes

The DShK turret was first introduced in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The player could take out the gunner and then take over the DShK turret to use it against the enemy if they so desired in certain cases. It could also be used to disable the Shagohod's treads at one point in the battle. It later returned in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker with a similar purpose.

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