Venom Snake overlooks Da Shago Kallai, in 1984.

Da Shago Kallai, also known as Shago Village, was a settlement in Northern Kabul, Afghanistan. It was located on the border of the desert, south of Lamar Khaate Palace.


By 1984, a Soviet outpost had been established in Da Shago Kallai. Diamond Dogs mercenary Venom Snake infiltrated the village on a mission to eliminate a Spetsnaz commander stationed there. Later, he crossed paths with the local platoon commander, neutralizing him when he attended a meeting in a neighboring village Da Wialo Kallai.

Behind the scenes

Da Shago Kallai is a location featured Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In "Episode 3: A Hero's Way" and "Episode 7: Red Brass," the player can eliminate the Soviet targets in Da Shago Kallai either by assassinating them or by recruiting them into Diamond Dogs via Fulton extraction.

The sound of the swinging chandelier from P.T. can be heard in the village.


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