This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Dalton was an ex-FBI agent who assisted the mercenary Snake, as part of his investigation into the private arms company SaintLogic.


Dalton captured Snake and his allies from the Serena resistance, as they attempted to enter the United States. Claiming to still be FBI, he forced Snake to infiltrate the SaintLogic facility to retrieve files on their business practices.

After DOD General Wiseman took control of the operation in order stop Dr. Koppelthorn, Dalton stayed on as support, with the help of a mysterious computer hacker named B.B. However, he was taken hostage by Wiseman when the latter betrayed Snake for the Lucinda file, which revealed Wiseman's involvement in the Praulia Massacre. Dalton was almost arrested by the authorities alongside Wiseman before B.B. managed to clear his name. He was then reinstated into the FBI (although not without being dressed down by his superiors as well) and, true to his word, granted amnesty to Snake and his comrades, along with the 15 million dollars he had previously confiscated from them.

Behind the scenes

Dalton bears an uncanny resemblance to Gillian Seed, the main protagonist from Konami's Snatcher a game directed by Hideo Kojima prior to Metal Gear Solid.