• Dengeki Games as featured on the Japanese Peace Walker website.
  • Dengeki PlayStation, as featured on the Japanese Peace Walker website.

Dengeki (電撃? meaning electric shock) is a magazine brand and book imprint that features video games, anime, manga, hobby and special interests, published by the Japanese company ASCII Media Works.

Dengeki PlayStation (電撃PlayStation?) is a magazine that originally featured information pertaining to PlayStation video games, but since then has also incorporated information from PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable games. The magazine first went on sale in December 1994 as a special edition version of Dengeki G's Magazine. The magazine provided detailed strategy guides and comprehensive special coverage, with defining features including their reader contributions and the popular Dengeki Yonkoma (4-panel strip collections), the latter being included as a supplement in every issue.

Dengeki Games is a general video game publication covering all platforms. Their issues were reputed to be extremely thick and provide in-depth coverage, usually having over 300 pages.

Relationship to the Metal Gear series

Aside from providing pre-release news coverage of the games in the Metal Gear series, Dengeki PlayStation itself appears in two Metal Gear games: the first, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus, featured a Special Camo Soldier utilizing the Dengeki PlayStation logo, as a promotion for readers of the magazine for its 300th issue. The second time featured Dengeki PlayStation as a Magazine item in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, as part of the game's product placement conceptualized by series creator Hideo Kojima. Although based on a real life magazine, the cover itself was fictional, featuring the character Paz Ortega Andrade on the forefront on the cover, as well as Kazuhira Miller a little ways away from her, as well as the MSF logo and a teddy bear with a bow-tie on it waving. It was in all versions of Peace Walker save for the HD Edition for the Xbox 360, where it was instead replaced with Famitsu Xbox 360 for obvious reasons.[1] The magazine was replaced in the overseass versions with the Liquid Magazine.

Dengeki Games (short hand: DNGK GAMES) also appears as a Magazine item in Peace Walker, replaced in the international versions with the Solidus Magazine. The item description jokingly states that despite its thickness in content due to the page count, it cannot be used as blunt weapons. Although it was based on a real magazine, the cover itself is completely fictional, featuring Manaka Takane, a character from the dating sim series LovePlus, which was also produced by Konami.

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