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Dirty Duck
Dirty Duck
Biographical information
Died 1995
Outer Heaven, South Africa
Career and family information
Affiliation(s) Egg Plant
Outer Heaven
Occupation Mercenary
Metal Gear information
Main appearance(s) Metal Gear
Created by Hideo Kojima

Dirty Duck was an Outer Heaven mercenary known for his use of multiple thrown boomerangs, as well as tactics such as using hostages as human shields.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Dirty Duck was once the leader of an extremist terrorist group known as Egg Plant. He later became a mercenary and was eventually contracted by the private military company of Outer Heaven.

Outer Heaven UprisingEdit

Main article: Outer Heaven Uprising

During Operation Intrude N313, Duck fought against FOXHOUND operative Solid Snake. Using three POWs as human shields, which included Jennifer's brother, he dared Snake to try and shoot him, while attacking with his lethal boomerangs. In addition, the area's floor was rigged with a pit trap, just in case Snake attempted to close in on Duck. However, Snake found an opening against Duck's attacks and killed him without harming the POWs.

Behind the scenes Edit

Dirty Duck (MGS4DB)

Artwork of Dirty Duck in the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database.

Dirty Duck (ダーティ・ダック Dāti Dakku?) is a boss that appears in Metal Gear. He is named Coward Duck (カワード・ダック Kawādo Dakku?) in the original MSX2 version, after the comic book character Howard the Duck.

Duck's weapons of choice are returning boomerangs, commonly thought of as an Australian icon, though Duck's own nationality has never been specified. They are semi-descended from hunting implements called kylies, that was often associated with the Aborigine people of Australia, although archaeological evidence indicated that non-returning boomerangs existed as early as the Stone Age in Europe. The idea of a boss using boomerangs as their primary weapon returned in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, with the character Slasher Hawk.


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