Ditadi Abandoned Village was a village in the Angola-Zaire border region that appeared to have been burned down. It was owned by SANR and Contract Forces of Africa and Rogue Coyote soldiers were stationed in a camp right next to it. A landmark for the village was a giant rock, which was called the "Cradle of Spirits" because it was believed all life originated from it.

Venom Snake infiltrated the camp next to Ditadi Abandoned Village in 1984 in order to eliminate or extract Walker Gears stationed there so that when the PFs requested resupplies, Diamond Dogs could track down the supplier of Walker Gears. He later returned to this camp, this time to track down and assassinate a human trafficker who had been involved in Skull Face's activities in the Devil's House. Although the trafficker had already left the village by the time Snake arrived, he did nonetheless found not only evidence of their route, but also rescued several prisoners from his stock that revealed what the trafficker was intending to do, causing Miller to wonder why the trafficker needed the aid of another PF to deliver evidence.


Behind the scenes

Processed Materials
Name Number
Biological Resources 2
Fuel Resources 2
Common Metal 2
Minor Metal 1

Notes and references

  1. ^ The rock may prompt a codec with Ocelot whom explains the significance of it.