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Dolinovodno (Russian: Долиноводно, "water valley") was a forested area in Tselinoyarsk, USSR, divided in two by a chasm. A hastily constructed rope bridge enabled Soviet soldiers to patrol Dremuchij to the south. In August 1964, a hornets' nest was situated above the south end of the bridge.



The Boss ended up traveling here in 1962 under orders of the American Philosophers after the accident relating to the Lady Mercury mission, and met up with The Sorrow, who was also ordered to arrive here by the Russian Philosophers. They were to battle to the death or else the Philosophers would kill their child. The Sorrow then allowed The Boss to kill him, a decision that continued to haunt The Boss.

Operation Snake EaterEdit

See also: Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater
Mgs3 screenshots tselinoyarsk bridge

Naked Snake fought The Boss in Dolinovodno.

Naked Snake traveled through Dolinovodno during the Virtuous Mission, while attempting to rescue defecting Soviet scientist Dr. Nikolai Sokolov, and escort him safely to the West. While escorting Sokolov to the recovery point, Snake also witnesses the Shagohod in the distance, and learns about it from Sokolov before continuing on. However, he was prevented from arriving at the recovery point by The Boss, who was herself defecting to the Soviet Union, and ended up retrieving Sokolov. Snake was defeated in close-quarters combat and then thrown off the bridge by The Boss, later treating his injuries on a nearby shore, before initiating a Fulton surface-to-air recovery.

Snake returned to Dolinovodno a week later during Operation Snake Eater, in order to reach Rassvet and meet with the KGB agent ADAM.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dolinovodno is a location that appears in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3DEdit

In The Naked Sample, Naked Snake manages to arrive at Dolinovodno, and after hiding from a Hind A chopper patrolling above, attempts to cross the bridge (which is in more disrepair). However, he unintentionally provoked a hive of hornets, and ends up having to break a run for the bridge before leaping off while being stung, grabbing onto the ledge at the last second. He then had to crawl all the way to the end of the bridge, above the cliff below the bridge, while being directly above various Hind A choppers patrolling the river below the bridge. The portion of the bridge has its wood snap off, having Snake fall, narrowly landing on the cliff and nearly injure himself in the process. He then attempts to scale through the narrow cliffline to the path nearbly, but a rockslide commences. Barely escaping, he crosses the path, only for some bluebirds to swarm at him. He then arrives at the main path, although he hides from a trio of patrolling GRU soldiers on a ledge nearby. One of the GRU soldiers attempts to smoke a cigarette, but accidentally fumbles the cigarette box which proceeds to drop down into an ivy patch close to Snake's position, The GRU soldier then looks for it, and then starts reaching blindly for it, with Snake narrowly avoiding his grabs. Snake then grabs the cigarettes and subtly hands it over to the GRU soldier. The GRU soldier then rushes to rejoin his comrades, while Snake watches on, he then departs to Rokovoj Berej.

Walkthrough Edit

Virtuous Mission Edit

Map Dolinovodno

Map of Dolinovodno.

The guards can be distracted by shooting down the hornets nest. The hornets will chase away several of the guards in the area, making it significantly easier to pass through. If you do not hesitate, you can simply shoot the nest and run through the entire area without encountering a single guard. Do not stop, however, as the guards will eventually return after a few moments.

Later, when you are lying wounded on the riverbank, simply use the "Cure" option in the Survival Viewer to heal all of your wounds.

Weapons and equipment Edit

  • XM16E1 - Under the bridge on the far side. To get to it, either follow the downward slope south of the area's exit, or drop from the bridge onto the branch;
  • Pentazemin - Under the bridge on the far side;
  • Mk22 bullets - Under the bridge on the far side.

To get the equipment under the bridge without dropping to the branch, it is necessary to either creep along the cliff or to hang over the edge.

Trophy Items Edit

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Operation Snake Eater Edit

Be careful. You have no gun since The Boss destroyed it (unless you are playing Very Easy or Easy mode, in which case, you can defend yourself with the EZ gun). Your only weapon is your stun grenades, but their use is not recommended, unless it is essential, as they attract too much attention.

After entering the area, drop to a crouch and crawl to the grass. There are two sentries to your right, but one will go onto the bridge almost immediately. The other will patrol back and forth next to the grassy slope. Keeping an eye on where the latter is looking, move slowly down the grassy slope. When at the bottom, wait for the guard to turn away and then CQC him. If you did this quickly enough, the other guard should not have moved too far down the bridge, and run after him.

You can CQC him if he sees you, but you should not need to. After following the bridge about half way, run off the side. Snake will automatically grab the edge. Then, follow the remainder of the bridge on your grip. When you get to the end, drop down and grab the branch. Pull yourself up and hide under the bridge. If you did not CQC the sentry on the bridge, wait until you are sure he is back on the bridge (you should be able to hear a change in the sound of his footsteps with the Directional Microphone, and the dust falling from the bridge should give you an idea) before moving to the left. Press yourself up against the wall and be aware that there is a sentry on the path you are aiming for. When he looks the other way, leave the wall, CQC him, and sprint to the end of the area.

Weapons and equipment Edit

To get the equipment under the bridge without dropping to the branch, it is necessary to either creep along the cliff or to hang over the edge.

Hints & tips Edit

  • While the bridge is unstable, putting weight (Snake or a guard's body, for example) too far off center, particularly on the side with cut ropes, will cause them to fall off the edge.
  • When Snake is recovering along the riverbed, The Sorrow's corpse can be seen during a cutscene by pressing the R1 button and looking to the left.
  • The Kerotan frog is on the top of one of the bridge posts on the Dremuchij side. In the PAL version, it is on a cliff in the north-eastern part of the map.
  • While cutting all the ropes may seem like it will make the bridge fall down to the bottom of the chasm, all it does is make the bridge extremely unsteady.

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