MGA Fleming subordinate A

Subordinate A

MGA Fleming subordinate B

Subordinate B

Dr. Flemming's subordinates were a pair of characters (presumably boss characters) that were cut from Metal Gear Acid. They presumably were minions of William L. Flemming.


The first subordinate, labeled "Fleming Subordinate A," was a skinny female individual with raised heels similar to Raiden's cyborg bodies; a primarily black design with yellow patterns on the upper body and head, spines on the fore-arms, skeletal fingers, as well as a needle on the index fingers. The subordinate's helmet has an orange clear obstacle in front.

The second subordinate, labeled "Fleming Subordinate B," was a morbidly obese individual with sickly green hands that leak out an unknown fluid and a grotesque dome-like head with a purple mass sticking out of the front.

Their designs suggest they were genetically engineered.

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