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In various video games, including the Metal Gear series, there are instances of dummied code, or coding that, while included, is left over from development and is not actually used in the game. Some of these can be found in the PC versions embedded in code.

Snake's Revenge

Some sprites were found in the code that indicated that the handgun would have been a pickup item, that a rope would have been a usable item for an unknown purpose, and a gas mask would have been used.

Similarly, there were also inventory sprites that indicated that, aside from the gas mask, there was supposed to be a cardboard box, an ammunitions cache, and a compass as well.

Lastly, there were a set of sprites depicting numbers that were presumably meant for an elevator due to the usage of "R" and "B" (which are used in elevators for "Rooftop" and "Basement", respectively).

Metal Gear Solid


Ripped Soliton Radar screens.

The PC version, as well as dummied files in the PlayStation version, indicated that the Shadow Moses Incident took place on Monday, February 28, 2005, and that the start time of the mission was 22:01 GST.

There was also intended to be a "dying mode" on the Soliton Radar.

In addition, there were also a few cut items such as flippers, dog food and anti-diarrhea medication. There was also data for a fourth Cardboard Box, including the animation as well as even unused dialogue from a soldier referencing its intended location in the canyon. One of the unused dialogues indicated that using flashbangs would have stunned Psycho Mantis and left an opening for attack, although in the final version, it has no impact on Mantis at all. In addition, some unused dialogue indicated that Otacon was not only going to directly accompany Snake in gameplay, but the player could even hurt him via melee attacks.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Binoculars are included in the Trial Edition demo, although they were cut in the Tanker Chapter of the final version. However, the Codec conversation meant for the binoculars was included in the data of the game:

  • Otacon: Good, you have a pair of binoculars. You'll be able to use them to survey enemy territory from a distance. They come with a zoom function and auto-focus, and have all the durability of military equipment. You won't have to worry about breakage with these.

The demo also had some data in the game for various weapons and equipment not included in the game, including the SPP-1M Underwater Pistol, a Balloon, the FAMAS, a fire extinguisher, an M spray, and an ST Camera. In addition, although it isn't actually found anywhere, the debug area had Fatman's ultimate C4 package signature. The anti-personnel sensor was apparently going to be called the "V sensor." Finally, the dummied content included some weapons that are only available during the Plant Chapter.[1]

In the game itself, there were several minutes worth of Codec conversations that were either cut or otherwise rarely encountered.[2] Dummied data indicated that an Abrams tank, an Osprey helicopter, and even Metal Gear REX were to make an appearance.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

There was a Cardboard Box D embedded in the game, although this doesn't actually show any box, although it does show Snake's position when inside the box.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Debug data indicated that the Infinity Bandana would have appeared in Portable Ops, and that there were at least image icons for both the blueprint and secret doc items.[3]

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

MgspwJP exOps by Solid Gabe136

There exist several dummied out Extra Ops missions, playable in both the original PlayStation Portable version of the game and in the HD Edition:[4]

  • [8]Marksmanship Challenge: This took place in Ruinas de Xochiquetzal, and required the player to take out 20 targets in a minute.
  • [17]Fulton Recovery: The player has to rescue several FSLN POWs via Fulton Recovery in Selva de la Muerte's Top of the Cliff area within 5 minutes.
  • [20]Fulton Recovery: The player has to rescue three prisoners from the torture chamber of the Mine Base within three minutes. The player has to go through a firefight before getting to the detention center, which the player can either use the Carl Gustav Fulton to evacuate the prisoners or otherwise open up the cell doors via the control room.
  • [21]Target Demolition: The player needs to blow up a designated target at Puerto del Alba, and it can only be destroyed via C4. The time limit is 3 minutes.
  • [23]Target Demolition: The player needs to blow up a designated target at Bananal Fruta de Oro's Sorting Shed, and it can only be destroyed via C4. The time limit is 3 minutes.
  • [25]Target Demolition: The player needs to blow up a designated target at the U.S. Missile Base in Nicaragua's Small Maintenance Dock, and it can only be destroyed via C4. The time limit is 3 minutes.
  • [27]Cargo Truck Demolition: The player has to blow up all the cargo trucks at Cafetal Aroma Encantado's entrance with C4 in under 5 minutes. The total amount of targets is 2.
  • [29]Eliminate Enemy Soldiers: The player has to neutralize the enemy presence in the areas up to the Bananal Fruta de Oro plantation in under 10 minutes. There are 13 enemies total.
  • [38]Item Runner: The player has to locate and pick up any cardboard boxes they find at Selva de la Leche and bring them to the goal without being caught by the enemy, as otherwise they'll lose any they had already found.However, there are no cardboard boxes at all in the mission, therefore it cannot be completed. It also contains incomplete map data for the AI Laboratory because it loads map collision data from the previous map and some textures from the AI lab.
  • [39]Stealing Gear: Steal the enemy's gear at Puerto del Alba after defeating them, then head for the goal. There is one enemy target and the time limit is 3 minutes.
  • [40]Stealing Gear: Steal the enemy's gear at Fuerte la Ladera after defeating them, then head for the goal. There is one enemy target and the time limit is 3 minutes.
  • [41]Stealing Gear: Steal the enemy's gear at the Mine Base's miner's residence after defeating them, then head for the goal. There is one enemy and the time limit is 3 minutes.
  • [44]Base Defense: The player (as an MSF soldier only) needs to defeat several enemy reinforcements that are arriving via the underpass at the U.S. Missile Base in Nicaragua, in order to buy Snake enough time. The player has to take out 20 soldiers.
  • [50]Prisoner Escort: The player has to escort escaped scientists at the Mine Base's Miner's Residence and cover them from the enemy presence. Any scientists who die will result in a mission failure.
  • [51]Prisoner Escort: Located in the Mine Base's AI weapon hangar, the player has to escort a captured mole and try to protect him from enemy soldiers. However, it seems to end with a Mission Complete upon starting the mission.
  • [58]Defend key Supplies: The player needs to defend supplies from the enemy at the Miner's Residence, with a mission being a failure if the enemy successfully manages to retrieve three supply crates ( the mission description says 2 supply crates). There are 10 enemies to watch out for ,and the 10th enemy does not spawn.
  • [61]Prisoner Escort: Cover a prisoner's escape at the back gate of the U.S. Missile Base at Nicaragua. (Incomplete level)
  • [69]Dead Man's Treasure: Retrieve items from the Ruinas de Xochiquestzal, while also avoiding the ghosts. Three items need to be located.
  • [73]Pooyan Mission: Shoot down enemy balloons that are abducting soldiers at the U.S. Base in Nicaragua. You must not let three balloons leave.
  • [75]One Shot: Take down all enemies (3) with a single bullet at Catarata de la Muerte.
  • [79]Ghost Photography: Take a picture of the ghost at Selva de la Muerte's Top of the Cliff area (Incomplete level)
  • [120]Metal Gear Zeke - Cross Battle: Pilot ZEKE via remote control and eliminate intruders from Mother Base, this mission has no codec conversation before the mission begins, however there is a codec in the Japanese version which is yet to be translated as the dialogue has no captions
  • [128]Lav Type C/ Custom alternate map.
  • [129]Lav Type C/ Custom alternate map.

Two of these missions contain alternate methods of obtaining the straw box, and only dummy extra ops 40 contains items the player can pick up.

In the Japanese version of the game, instead of being marked with a number identifier, missions appear to be marked with the kanji 没, which translates to "discarded."

There are aditional playable missions marked with SBM followed by a number. In the Japanese version the number is followed by a description of the mission. Additionally, there exist four extra missions in the Japanese version which all contain the same name as the main ops ZEKE battle. The game will crash upon loading them.

Metal Gear ZEKE - Cross Battle is the only mission in which the player can pilot an AI weapon. It's also the only mission that requires at least two players to commence.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Although not in the game itself, the TGS demo, depicting the beginning of the Abkhazia mission up to the fight against LQ-84i, has a glitch where the player can bypass the force field generator at the edge of the map and access the bridge portion early. Accessing it reveals some items as well as the missile launcher, although its description only lists its name, unlike in the final version where it is given a full description.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Six weather implementations were considered, although ultimately only four were included in Ground Zeroes. They are:

this.WeatherNames = {
sunny = 0,
cloudy = 1,
rainy = 2,
sandstorm = 3,
foggy = 4,
pouring = 5,

Sunny was included for most of the side ops; cloudy was included for the extra ops, and pouring and rainy were for the main mission.

In addition, the ending scene can be ripped to be seen in full view, thus revealing the medic's face in full as well as the entirety of his actions.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Some unused recorded dialogue made by Kiefer Sutherland was unearthed. The context of some of the lines suggested they were intended to be used when interacting with Paz's hallucination,[5] while others had dialogue such as "You're fired!" (presumably said when dismissing a soldier from Diamond Dogs) and "Consecutive C-Q-C" (which was likely intended for when CQC was used in a chain).[6] Similarly, soundbytes for the character Skull Face implied that at one point, the character was not only going to be fought as an actual boss, but the player also had the option of actually imprisoning him instead of simply killing him. At least 500 pieces of dialogue intended for Miller were found in the game, half of which were cut.[7] Similarly, at least 180 English CP lines were also uncovered, with about half also being cut.[8]

The Phantom Episode 51: Kingdom of the Flies was going to be included in the game and even had 30% of its cutscenes rendered, although it was cut before release. Nonetheless, it is shown on a special Blu-ray Disc.

Owing to Ground Zeroes originally being planned to be released around the same time as The Phantom Pain, there was data text for the game in the coding.[9][10]

There are unused images and textures in the game including an image for a third chapter called "Peace", textures for a skinless human and upper half of a female buddy with a scar on it. The female buddy featured at least two scars, one featuring a "V" mirroring Paz's scar post-incision, and the other featuring a snake-like scar, mirroring that of The Boss. [8] The former was also commented upon by Kojima in three Twitter posts.[11] Similarly, reddit also uncovered a reference to VOL3 and LET.[12][13]

An ending was uncovered in the PC version involving Diamond Dogs playing a large role in eliminating nukes from the world.[14] In addition, at least four audio files were uncovered in the same source. One file was apparently meant to take place right after Eli hijacked Metal Gear Sahelanthropus, where Miller relayed to Snake the hijacked pilot's retrieval, as well as XOF becoming involved in the search for the stolen Metal Gear and Eli.[15] The second had Ocelot describing the functions of Battle Gear.[16] The third one had Miller giving various comments about attack dogs, their role, and how to avoid them (implying that they were to appear in the game as an enemy).[17] The last one, presumably taking place after the mission where Quiet leaves permanently, has Ocelot trying to tell Snake to let it go.[18] In addition, the PC files revealed that there were intended to be twelve uniforms, six base colors, thirty weapons colors, at least six camouflage fatigues, eight faceplates, four blueprints for weapons, and roughly 31 emblem pieces, not counting the Venom Snake emblem, plus the emblem for No Alert.[19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28] Some of these were later released via the Event Points update. Similarly, after the May 10 update came out, dummied text indicated that there were to be at least thirty new uniforms (Not counting Night Splitter).[29][30][31][32], and images were uncovered depicting the various uniforms.[33][34][35][36]

The player data text implied that Eli as Liquid Snake would have been playable at some point. It also had camouflage names such as Panther and Real Tree, and indicated that there would have been customization options for the MGS3 wear.[37][38]

Although not in the game disc itself, some dummied data relating to the game was also found in the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Companion App. Among these were coding that implied that there would have been a mission involving Chico on at least one part of the game despite his death, as well as data that was presumably related to the United States Naval Prison Facility in Cuba, and references to a tape called "Diamond Dogs Anthem." Coding also implied that the Battle Gear was to act as a buddy.[39]

Content on the disc relating to soldier profiles implied that the commander of the rogue Mbele child soldiers was intended to be an actual staff member for Diamond Dogs.[40] In addition, further content unveiled that, aside from Combat, R&D, Support, and Medical Teams as well as non-specific skillsets, the skillset icons would also have included those specific to the Security Team, Base Development Unit, and Intel Team, plus a speech bubble skillset (implying that the interpreter skillsets were originally going to be their own category rather than simply part of the Support Unit).

Mother Base was planned to have at least three vehicle time trials. They were called Driver's Ed and had the in-game description "Pass through all the checkpoints on the deck of Mother Base within the time limit. Stop a vehicle on the starting point to make the markers appear and the training begin."[41]

The Elephant codename was also found inside the data for The Phantom Pain, hinting it was initially going to be a codename in the game, but was discarded and found use in Metal Gear Online 3 instead. Several unused textures for weapon camouflage patterns can be found in the game's texture0.dat file.

D-Dog was originally going to have an additional two outfits; one themed for Miller and another for Ocelot. They have similar descriptions to the one for Quiet's Sniper Wolf outfit. [42]

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