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Echo's Beacon (2014).

Echo's Beacon was a building within Eastern Europe. It was approximately five stories tall.


Guns of the Patriots Incident

See also: Liquid Sun, Solid Sun, Third Sun, Twin Suns, Old Sun, and Naked Sin/Naked Son

After Big Mama's motorcycle crashed, Solid Snake went through Echo's Beacon to fend off PMC commander Raging Raven. After reaching the top floor of the building, he fought her beast form and shot her down, eventually quelling her rage.

Behind the scenes


Third floor

  • IPod Music
  • 5.56x45mm
  • FIM-92A

Fourth floor

  • Anest. (.22) x2
  • 7.62x67mm

Fifth floor

  • 5.56x45mm
  • Ration

Boss: Raging Raven

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