Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain - 6-Minute E3 2015 Trailer05:46

Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain - 6-Minute E3 2015 Trailer

"Elegia" is a piece composed by Peter Hook, Gillian Gilbert, Stephen Morris, and Bernard Sumner for the British rock band New Order. Unusually for New Order, it is an instrumental and a waltz. It can be found on their third studio album, Low-Life (1985). Elegia is Latin for elegy; New Order has stated that the song was written in memory of Ian Curtis, lead singer of the band's former incarnation, Joy Division. The full 18 minute version of "Elegia" was released in 2012.[1]

Relation to the Metal Gear series

"Elegia" is featured in the long E3 2015 trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


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