The canonicity of this subject in the Metal Gear series is ambiguous.

Eliminate the Renegade Threat was a mission conducted in late 1974 by the private military group Militaires Sans Frontières, contracted by the KGB.


During the United States' involvement in the Laotian Civil War, a sniper duo belonging to the United States Marine Corps, codenamed Glaz and Palitz, conducted a number of horrific acts against NVA officials and their families during their time until their retirement shortly after U.S. involvement was phased out.[2]

Assassination attempt

The MSF was up contracted by the KGB to conduct an assassination on both Glaz and Palitz. MSF was contacted by the KGB through connections that the second in command, Kazuhira Miller, had been acquainted with when he acted as a trainer for a Colombian guerilla group, prior to his joining MSF. Miller also made clear that his contacts weren't connected to another KGB agent that had hired them for an earlier operation, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zadornov.[2] The Intel Team division of MSF also proceeded to do a study on the two targets, eventually reporting their findings of their most common travel patterns.[3][4][5]

On December 3, 1974, at 13:18,[1] the MSF commander, Big Boss, infiltrated a base in Cuba with the orders to assassinate Glaz and Palitz.


After the two had been eliminated, Miller speculated that with them out of the way, the Laotian Civil War might see an early end. However, even though the mission was a success, they noticed that Glaz and Palitz had a suspicious level of fear of the place, even moreso than death itself, causing them to become suspicious of what was actually occurring at the camp.[6]

Behind the scenes

Eliminate the Renegade Threat is one of the four Side Ops featured in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

If the player extracts the targets instead of killing them, Miller will express confusion as the mission was to assassinate them. He will also observe that the guilt of the targets' crimes in Laos possibly led to post-traumatic stress disorder. Glaz was left with a glass eye and Palitz a prosthetic finger after Laos, which were both the results of self-mutilation, caused by their inability to cope with their actions in the war.[7] Doing the latter will have the two unlocked as staff members in the second part of Metal Gear Solid V, The Phantom Pain, with Miller also alluding to Big Boss bringing them back from the base nine years earlier.


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    This is revealed in the post-credits debriefing if the player extracted the targets instead of assassinating them in the Side Op Eliminate the Renegade Threat.

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