Emma Emmerich card

Emma Emmerich character card

Emma Emmerich is a character card featured in Metal Gear Acid.

Card details

  • Name: Emma Emmerich
  • Type: Character
  • Number: 151
  • Pack: MGS2
  • Cost: 8
  • Reality: +++

  • "Weak Knees"
    EQUIP to use.
    EVADE all attacks.
    All EQUIPMENT destroyed at time of use.
    Effect lasts until next turn.

[Emma Emmerich]
Stepsister of Otacon (Hal Emmerich). Nicknamed E.E.
A specialist in computers, she designed the system architecture of the Big Shell.
Afraid of water due to a traumatic childhood experience.

"No, it's not like that. I like glasses. And... there's this guy I liked who used to wear them..."

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