In 1984, an environmental group had hired the Diamond Dogs to conduct sabotage on the UNITA-owned Mfinda Oilfield by destroying critical portions of the plant due to it causing an oil spill in the river and thus polluting the water supply, acting as the private force's first clientel in Africa since arriving there. The Diamond Dogs accepted, although mostly because the Mfinda Oilfield facility was also connected to Cipher, a group that had wiped out their predecessor, the Militaires Sans Frontières, nine years prior.

Ironically, the completion of this mission actually made the environmental situation even worse than before due to it resulting in a macroparasitic biohazard occurring at Bwala ya Masa as well as orphaning the village, as the oil spill was the only thing preventing the parasites from infecting the water supply (the oil spill had earlier been conducted to cover various corpses that acted as test subjects that were buried in the water).

Notes and references

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