During a guerrilla offensive in the Soviet-Afghan war in 1984, this prisoner had escaped the Lamar Khaate Palace area.

As a result of his escape, he was also being pursued by a four-man Soviet search team, although the leader of the private force Diamond Dogs, Venom Snake (who had been in the area as part of a mission to take out several Soviet mechanized reinforcements), managed to intercept and rescue the prisoner before they could corner and summarily execute him. While being rescued by Snake, the prisoner, believing him to be the legendary soldier Big Boss, proceeded to relay some information regarding the guerrilla's assault, and also alluded to the Soviet development of a new weapon that would essentially and decisively end the guerrilla's resistance against the Soviets advance.[1]

Behind the scenes

The escaped prisoner is one of six prisoners found in the Mission 9, "Back Up, Backdown," in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. As his name implies, the prisoner had escaped before the events of the mission. Rescuing him before the Soviet search team corners and kills him accomplishes the related mission task. His codename on Mother Base is Killer Hedgehog.

Even though he is strongly implied to be Mujahideen and thus Afghani, he speaks English while being carried.


Notes and references

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    Killer Hedgehog: You're... the legend, aren't you? The guerrillas were planning this... assault for weeks. Right now they should all be off attacking a Soviet frontline base. Apparently the Soviets are going to deploy some new weapon. They say that once it's in service, the guerrillas don't have a hope. This is their last chance. One battle to change the course of history... Your actions can change the future...