This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Escobar was a notorious drug lord based in the Serena Republic, South America.

Escobar had been allowed to carry out his drugs activity by DOD General Wiseman, in exchange for kidnapping various children in South America and Africa for SaintLogic to use as test subjects.

After the fall of the Serena Republic's military regime, local resistance members Snake, Consuela Alvarez, Dave Copeland, and Roddy Louiz destroyed Escobar's drug factory, and escaped with $15 million. Escobar later had the country's new Secretary of State, Perez, murdered, and framed the four resistance members for the deed, in an apparent act of revenge. He also paid off several officials for them to request Snake's deportation back to Serena from the United States, in order to deal with him personally. In reality, Escobar had been ordered by General Wiseman to frame Snake, as he wanted a criminal on which to pin the blame for the destruction of a SaintLogic facility, in a future operation he had planned.

Behind the scenes

Escobar is most likely named after Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian "founder" of narco-terrorism.