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An Arsenal Tengu utilizing a powered exoskeleton.

Exoskeletons are suits that provide enhanced combat capabilites to the wearer, such as increased strength and agility. This can become necessary due to the wearer's age, injury, or to provide a tactical advantage. An exoskeleton can also provide additional benefits such as built in weaponry and stealth camouflage.


Shadow Moses IncidentEdit

Main article: Shadow Moses Incident

Gray Fox wore a powered exoskeleton utilizing a supersonic motor that operated with a high-frequency voltage. Whenever Fox changed position, minute electric currents in the muscle were detected and utilized to control the actuating section, giving greater than human agility.

The Manhattan IncidentEdit

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Mgs2 deepthroat

Olga Gurlukovich, as the Cyborg Ninja.

Olga Gurlukovich wore a Cyborg Ninja suit to hide her appearance and protect Raiden. It was similar looking to the one worn by Gray Fox, though its appearance was more bulky, serving more as body armor rather integrated within the body itself.

Solidus Snake used an exoskeleton with a portable accelerator on the back and artificial muscle tissue to give him enhanced speed and strength. A number of sensors stretched between the surface and interior of the suit like a neural network. When these sensors detected an impact, the artificial muscle in the suit reacted instantaneously by automatically contracting and diffusing the damage. It was also equipped with tentacles, or Snake Arms, that could fire heat seeking missiles or grab opponents within close-range combat, and sweep at their legs.

Tengu soldiers also had suits that used artificial muscle tissue.

Liquid Ocelot's InsurrectionEdit

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Power suits are used by BB Corps and give the members their own unique capabilities in combat; for example, the suit worn by Laughing Octopus gave her the ability to camouflage herself and to launch mini-explosives.

Raiden was fitted with a powered exoskeleton after undergoing extensive cybernetic surgery.


Cyborg Ninja typeEdit


Raiden, in 2014.

The first type used by most of the Cyborg Ninjas provides a shell that an injured soldier can be connected to permanently. Missing body parts can be replaced with mechanical ones. Originally designed by Tokugawa Heavy Industries, the suit is also able to provide life support functions.

General designEdit

This type of suit is designed primarily to provide incredible protection against all forms of physical attacks, specifically crushing and ballistic impacts.[1] Gray Fox demonstrated the suit's capabilities when he supported at least half the weight of Metal Gear REX and prevented its foot from crushing Solid Snake.[1] The suit was able to withstand two other crushing attempts by REX - once against the wall by the cockpit of REX, and another stomp by REX's foot before finally succumbing to a third stomp.[1] Raiden also displayed the incredible strength awarded by his powered exoskeletons, not only by swinging two Gekkos but also by stopping Outer Haven in its path and holding it back from crushing Solid Snake. Additionally, whilst the suit is commonly protected from taking damage by the wearers deflecting incoming projectiles with their swords, the suit has also demonstrated it is able to withstand REX's machine gun rounds: one grazed Gray Fox during his confrontation with REX.[1] It is also able to generate large amounts of electical interference, enough to scramble various radars, including the Soliton Radar, although the suit itself is also susceptible to electrical interference such as chaff.

Enhanced abilitiesEdit

Enhanced agility - The wearer is capable of apparently superhuman agility and reflexes,[1] which allowed Gray Fox to evade almost every attack made by Metal Gear REX during their battle. Raiden also demonstrated the enhanced agility and reflexes as well by dodging numerous Gekko strikes in close range while surronded by them.

Enhanced movement - The wearer is also granted superhuman running speed and jumping capabilities, which allowed Gray Fox to leap to a height at least equal to the cockpit height of Metal Gear REX.[1]. Raiden demonstated being able to run up the sides of building and run along walls as well as being able to cover literally miles of terrian in literally minutes or seconds as demonstrated in MGS4 and MGR.

Enhanced strength - As demonstrated by Gray Fox, the exoskeleton allowed him to lift soldiers into the air with a single arm, throw them great distances with great force,[1] and break human bones with ease. Raiden showed that he was capable of supporting the weight of a Gekko, and Fox was able to hold Metal Gear REX's leg up long enough to allow Snake to escape being crushed. Raiden was also able to demonstrate insane feats of strength in his exoskeletons by haulting the advancing Outer Haven submarine with one arm(eventually was overwhelmed and crushed). Later in 2018 Raiden threw a Metal Gear RAY unit into the air and then overpowered and threw Metal Gear Exclceus, the later weighing well over 100 tons.

Normal soldier typeEdit

The second type enhances normal soldiers with increased strength, agility, and protection. Samuel Rodrigues' Cyborg Ninja outfit was closer to an exoskeleton than a cyborg body, the exception being his right arm.

Differences to other suits Edit

Powered suits have similar capabilities but are usually much larger and rely heavily on built in weaponry. Users of exoskeletons mostly use weapons designed for normal soldiers.

Sneaking Suits provide limited protection and do not increase strength or agility to superhuman levels like an exoskeleton would.

Notable users Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

Along with the powered exoskeletons' appearance in the main Metal Gear canon, they have also appeared in several other scenarios and games.

Grey fox

Gray Fox in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Edit

In Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, Raiden can wear the same type of powered exoskeleton that Gray Fox wore, in the Raiden (Ninja) VR Missions.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Edit

Gray Fox appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Activating the trophy summons Gray Fox to attack the player's opponents.

See also Edit


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