002 FAMAS/G1


  • Number: 002
  • Set: MGS1
  • Rarity: Silver
  • COST: 8

  • Assault Rifle, EQUIP type
  • ATK: 60
  • HIT: 70%
  • AMMO: 5.56mm x5
  • REA: 10%
  • HIT% decrease at: 4 blocks
  • Notes: Adds 1 COST to target on a HIT

Load with ammo after equipping to attack (EQUIP type).

  • [FAMAS/G1]

The name FAMAS is derived from the French for "Assault Rifle by St-Etienne Arms Factory."

Its appearance has earned it the nickname "Clarion" (trumpet).

  • Obtained: MGS1 pack.

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