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FOXHOUND was not the original FOXHOUND unit early in the games. In Metal Gear Solid, FOXHOUND presents itself as a terrorist unit run by Ex-Special Forces Unit. FOXHOUND takes control over Shadow Moses Island with enough nuclear weapons to throw the world into chaos if their demands were not met. The Next-Generation Special Forces they were ultimately used as a terrorist tool brought on by Liquid Snake, one of the Sons of Big Boss, was the leader of the terrorist unit FOXHOUND, he demanded that the government turn over the remains of Big Boss. Solid Snake was brought out of retirement to handle the situation; he was naturally the only man for the situation.

          Shadow Moses Incident+ Liquid Snake
           |                |              |                |
           |                |              |                |
           %---Solid Snake  %---FOXDIE     %---Solid Snake  %---Solid Snake
           |                |              |                |
    Psycho Mantis     Decoy Octopus   Sniper Wolf      Vulcan Raven
           |                |              |                |
       DECEASED          DECEASED        DECEASED         DECEASED

      Revolver Ocelot-%-Cyborg Ninja         Solid Snake-%-Liquid Snake
                      |                                  |
  Causes Revolver Ocelot to lose his right hand       Liquid is killed by FOXDIE
                      |                                       |
                      |                                       |
                      |-------------------See Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty------------|

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