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"You can use the fake death pill to send yourself into a death-like state for a limited period of time."
Major Zero to Naked Snake.
Mgs3 fakedeath

Fake Death Pill

The fake death pill is a potassium cyanide capsule that makes the taker of the pill act as if they are dead. This is used if the person needs to act dead to avoid being killed by the enemy. The revival pill is used to counteract the effects of the fake death pill. If the pill is used for too long then it will cause actual death to the user. It also cannot fake drownings. The revival pill is located in the tooth of the user. It was developed by the CIA's technological division for its field agents circa 1964.[1] and essentially uses the same chemical pheronomes as real life animals (i.e., ladybugs, cicada, opossums, etc.) and applies it to spy missions.[2]


Naked Snake is capable of using the fake death pill during the Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater. When used, it will send him into a state of false death for a short time. To come out of it, he must use the revival pill. However, if Snake does not use the revival pill in time, he will not be able to wake up and ultimately will die. Although it can fool enemy soldiers, dogs and even bosses, it does not have any effect on The Boss (she knows about the pill due to being a CIA agent), who would just mock Snake and knock him out of his senses and urge to continue the fight. It does have a temporary effect on EVA, who first gets surprised if Snake does it for the first time though would only remark to stop fooling around if done more.

When he was taken prisoner in Groznyj Grad, The Boss shot a fake death pill into him with a SAA to help him escape the facility's prison.

The Boss also secretly gave Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov a fake death pill to fake his death.

Behind the scenesEdit

Weight: 0.1 kg.

On consuming a Fake Death Pill, a fake Game Over screen appears with the phrase "Snake is dead". The fake screen also emulates the shift from "Snake is dead" to "Time Paradox ". The Item Menu (and by proxy, the Revival Pill ) can be accessed until the shift to "Time Paradox" completes, at which point Naked Snake actually dies. The transformation will continue whilst the Item Menu is on-screen.

The "Continue/Exit" prompt on the fake screen is fully functional.

If the player uses the Fake Death Pill in the HD Collection, they'll be awarded with the trophy/achievement "Mostly Dead."

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. ^ Major Zero remarked that the fake death pill and the revival pill were the latest in internal medicine for intelligence ops agents during the time of the Virtuous Mission.
  2. ^ Para-Medic mentions this to Naked Snake.

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