In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, in order to survive or regain stamina, the player must eat food. This article contains information about the fish in the game. Collecting all fish in the HD version will unlock the achievement/trophy "Tall Tale."

Bigeye Trevally

  • Ration Name: FISH A
  • Initial Taste: Very Bad
  • Danger Level: None
  • Stamina Recovery: Minimal
  • Capture: Yes (extremely hard, but possible)

The bigeye is a type of mackerel. The adult fish lives around coral, but the young can be found in fresh water area such as estuaries and rivers. Like all fish, it rots quickly, so should be eaten fast. It is first found in Ponizovje South (although it can be difficult to distinguish from the other types of fish appearing here), and last appears in Tikhogomyj. It can also be served while in prison at Groznyj Grad. In a radio conversation, Para-Medic says that the fish might be poisonous but Naked Snake never suffers food poisoning while eating it.

Maroon Shark

  • Ration Name: FISH B
  • Initial Taste: Fairly Tasty
  • Danger Level: Low
  • Stamina Recovery: Moderate
  • Capture: Yes

The shark is found mostly in Southeast Asia. But it is not a shark - it is actually related to the carp. It is also known as the finned cigar shark, the river barb, and the sultan fish. Again though, it will rot easily. It is first found in Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch, and last appears in Tikhogomyj.


  • Ration Name: FISH C
  • Initial Taste: Tasty
  • Danger Level: None
  • Stamina Recovery: Moderate
  • Capture: No

The arowana is an ancient fish lives in tropical freshwater areas. Because of its large size, it cannot be captured alive. Ancient fishes like the arowana are living fossils; they have hardly changed forms since the Devonian and Jurassic periods. Other ancient fish besides the arowana include the coelacanth, the startlet, and knifefish. Almost all organisms on earth have evolved in shapes and forms, but these fish have kept the same form hundreds of millions of years. It is first found in Chyornyj Prud, and is last found in Tikhogomyj.

Big Boss is seen eating an Arowana in a cutscene in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

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