Fortune device on Ocelot

The electromagnetic field generator, being worn by Revolver Ocelot.

A device that could create a protective electromagnetic field was carried unawares by Dead Cell leader Fortune, during the Big Shell Incident. It was capable of deflecting the paths of bullets around the wearer, and render nearby explosives inert.


The Manhattan Incident

See also: Tanker Incident and the Big Shell Incident

During the Tanker Incident in 2007, Revolver Ocelot utilized a similar electromagnetic device during the hijacking of Metal Gear RAY, to evade gunfire from the U.S. Marines on board the USS Discovery.

By the end of her basic military training, Fortune's seemingly supernatural luck had begun to manifest, with the Patriots having secretly placed the device on her person. The device gave Fortune the ability to cause every bullet to bend around her person and miss, as well as disable all explosives within her vicinity. She would claim that her "luck" was at the cost of tragedy in her personal life.

The same technology was also used to protect the cage housing Emma Emmerich's parrot, aboard the Big Shell, as bullets would be deflected from the cage and explosives rendered inert in its vicinity.[1]

During the Big Shell Incident, the true cause of Fortune's "luck" was explained to her by Ocelot. Revealing it to be all a part of the Patriots' S3 Plan, Ocelot disabled her device and shot her. Surviving the attack, an angered Fortune fired on him with her rail gun, though his own device protected him from her assault.


The device worked by creating an electromagnetic field around the user, which would be strong enough to repel all metallic objects, though the user's own weapons and their immediate environment would remain unaffected. The field could deflect bullets, missiles, rail gun shells and other types of weapons away from its intended target. Grenades and other explosives were also disabled, making them appear to be duds. Likewise, it was also capable of resisting even weaponry capable of shorting out most electronic devices, such as chaff grenades.[2]

Behind the scenes

In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Colonel Volgin exhibits similar defensive abilities to those granted by the Fortune device, when he fights the player during a boss battle. Utilizing his own electrical powers, he can create an electromagnetic shield in front of him that can deflect bullets and explosives, though this does not protect him from behind, nor does it protect him from chaff grenades. In addition, Volgin's force field cannot withstand sustained fire from automatic weapons such as the M63 or the AK-47, unlike Fortune's.

Notes and references

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    This is demonstrated during the Fortune "boss fight," where using chaff grenades on Fortune will still not have any effect on her "luck" (later revealed to be her device).

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