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Welcome to the Help desk. This is a place to get help from or help other members of the Metal Gear Wiki. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "add new topic".

For other sources of help, see the help category.

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Is Ocelot gay?21:02, October 31, 2012166.137.88.144
Grey Fox question20:58, May 12, 2012Bluerock
How much profanity in MGS422:22, April 30, 2012Bluerock
Why did Gene launch the ICBMG12:34, April 8, 2012Bluerock
(MGS:PW) R&D Question(s)11:46, March 17, 2012Misterbunnsy
Ocelot phone call at the end of mgs 300:28, March 17, 2012Weedle McHairybug
(MGS:PW) How can you unlock specific "Extra Ops" missions?03:28, January 25, 2012Weedle McHairybug
Naked Snake with Shaved Face?!22:14, January 15, 2012GreyWolf84
Help with MGS3 HD02:54, January 15, 2012GreyWolf84
"Brand New Metal Gear Saga"?!12:55, October 2, 2011Hoe Hunter
How to use BBQ in Isla del Monstruo?11:53, September 29, 2011Hoe Hunter
The relationships between Commanders & Soldiers...15:28, September 27, 2011Weedle McHairybug
San Hieronymo Takeover, "1971"?!19:08, September 17, 2011Hoe Hunter
What happened to MSF, ZEKE & ALL those people after Peace Walker Incident?21:48, September 3, 2011Hoe Hunter
Paz got herself Wet in ZEKE?!15:56, August 29, 2011Bluerock
Where can i download the free soundtrack of MGS: PW?15:02, August 27, 2011Hoe Hunter
MGS: Portable Ops cutscenes21:00, August 26, 2011Bluerock
When and how to get silenced weapons in portable ops?20:59, August 26, 2011Bluerock
Naked Snake's "Loyalty to Himself"13:31, August 26, 2011Hoe Hunter
New Game Plus help09:54, August 9, 2011Bluerock
How to make Paz take off her clothes on "Date with Paz" mission?13:21, August 3, 2011Hoe Hunter
The Anaconda in MGS307:14, July 18, 2011Mitsotakis
Will Playstation ever publish the 2 NES original Metal gear games for replay? i would love to play a revamped version of them on PS3!17:34, June 16, 201168.199.80.39
About Alaska and it's reference in MGS309:13, March 28, 2011Biggu Bosu
About the Green Berets in the Miscellaneous Groups11:32, March 24, 2011Biggu Bosu
I have followed the set up steps for mgo in the booklet but cant install MGO.19:16, May 3, 201074.181.61.197
Solid Snake, Naked Snake?07:18, March 30, 2010Benfen
The Big Boss Emblem19:57, January 18, 2010Richard1990
How can I make translated pages for some articles?09:58, October 31, 2009Wattu
MGS4 battles. Can they be won?14:21, October 28, 2009Fantomas
Stucked in the Deep Sea Dock Strut A20:21, September 6, 2009Drawde83
Not letting me create a page22:56, March 3, 2009Chaos91
"Sons of Big Boss" Article18:56, February 21, 2009Fantomas
Backwards compatability with older metal gears on ps306:14, January 20, 2009Chaos91
Secret Theatre17:41, January 19, 2009Richard1990
Can't create Page01:24, July 10, 2008Drawde83
Welcome to the help desk!00:46, January 31, 2008Richard1990

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