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Was Liquid brainwashed by Iraq?23:02, December 23, 2012TangoMike
Why did Liquid Ocelot Need Foxalive?17:50, December 15, 2012PaulSn
What happened between metal gear solid and metal gear solid 202:59, December 14, 2012Pinksolidsnake
Adding a Transcript Section?03:04, November 9, 2012166.137.88.146
Holding up enemies15:28, November 7, 2012Zealot Guy
Who's side was Ocelot really on during the Manhattan Incident?23:23, October 27, 2012PaulSn
GW data on Big Boss12:53, October 18, 2012Bluerock
Shagohod, what are you doing ?23:19, September 25, 201290.37.221.153
The Patriots10:47, September 22, 201286.179.196.113
MGS:GZ The man in the hat. Who is he?10:20, September 10, 2012210.56.81.34
Anybody notice the trade centers in the room where you fight psycho mantis09:59, September 9, 2012Fantomas
What is Metal Gear Solid Scenario Book?08:09, September 6, 201262.150.44.133
Aiming assistance for MGS 515:38, September 2, 2012210.56.81.185
What kind of bike does EVA ride?17:56, August 5, 2012176.25.130.60
Related videos module coming soon17:11, May 30, 2012Sarah Manley
MGS Overrated game series20:42, May 17, 2012TheReaperofInsanity
Who got the "Big Boss" emblem on MGS4?07:55, April 24, 2012Bluerock
Drebin Points07:12, April 22, 2012Dfle3
Solid Snake VS Big Boss08:03, April 19, 2012Dfle3
Walkthroughs07:44, April 19, 2012Dfle3
Additional criteria for "Record" times08:19, April 17, 2012Dfle3
Metal Gear Fanon00:39, April 11, 2012TheScareCr0we
Chat feature12:04, March 18, 2012Bluerock
Does MGS: HD Collection feature Fox Engine?01:30, March 17, 2012Misterbunnsy
Scrapping "trivia" sections19:36, March 13, 2012Omega Fighter
MGS3 HD Camo21:12, February 17, 201265.25.52.98
MGO2 & MPO online going offline!21:10, February 17, 201265.25.52.98
The Boss's true final wish (MGS4 Spoilers)15:22, December 16, 201172.161.226.75
A question about Shadow Moses Incindent...05:51, December 11, 2011Hoe Hunter
MGS:PW Extra Ops Question12:14, December 9, 2011Bluerock
Why did Big Boss decide to become 'another Gene'?23:23, December 4, 2011Hoe Hunter
A question about The Big Shell Incident...21:50, December 4, 2011Hoe Hunter
Didn't Kojima reveal anything new about "Metal Gear Solid 5"?20:49, November 30, 2011Hoe Hunter
Is MGS: Rising a "Spin-off"?!!!06:26, November 21, 2011Hoe Hunter
Did Adamska (Revolver Ocelot) know his parents during Virtuous Mission or Operation Snake Eater?01:37, November 11, 2011Hoe Hunter
Mgs sheet music?16:57, October 30, 2011Otakukhan
MGPW... Best game play15:45, October 5, 2011170.146.227.4
Why Doesn't someone care about "Metal Gear" trademark copyright?11:17, October 5, 2011Hoe Hunter
When or How did Colonel Volgin gain his electric ability?20:41, October 4, 2011Hoe Hunter
Metal Gear is getting too Unreal?!14:22, October 4, 2011Soul reaper
When did the patriots take over America in the metal gear series14:15, September 30, 2011108.132.58.173
ZEKE, "Nuclear Launch"?13:30, August 26, 2011Hoe Hunter
Glitches12:00, August 24, 2011Bluerock
Is there a section on the power armor PMC soldiers wear?02:45, June 20, 2011Kalaong
Solidus's resignation.15:46, April 29, 2011Weedle McHairybug
Ocelot Big Shell17:18, April 25, 2011Bluerock
New wiki layout08:37, April 24, 2011Solid Shane
Is Snake a human in MGS2?16:58, April 23, 201124.61.107.104
Patriot (weapon)01:33, April 3, 201161.18.170.21
Codec Image of Raiden in MGS410:51, March 30, 2011Weedle McHairybug
Anons and their subjective and inconsistent preferences of canon21:56, March 9, 201198.221.196.38
Clues to identities page21:00, January 12, 2011Bluerock
Syringe question - spoiler warning03:52, January 3, 2011Weedle McHairybug
So, anyone think Zanzibar Land raiding Nuclear Disposal sites may have had something to do with preventing Nuclear War and the creation of Stealth Missiles?20:23, December 18, 201070.126.139.228
Game playthrough order04:38, December 15, 2010Mar1
Best Boss Fight MGS319:09, December 10, 2010Goodinbad
The Long page problem19:35, October 18, 2010Bluerock
ACT 5 Chicken Fun23:51, September 5, 201076.28.157.66
Metal Gear Solid on the Wii?18:11, August 31, 2010Stealth Ocelot
Where is the camera in MGSTS?16:21, August 16, 2010216.31.150.2
MGS iPhone trivia game07:39, July 21, 201024.4.97.14
What exactly is with the seperate wiki for Peace Walker?18:15, July 8, 2010Fantomas
Wondering about Wiki Affiliation for a Metal Gear series wide LP.00:10, July 5, 2010Griff Morivan
Pliskin dizzy spell?23:01, July 2, 2010Griff Morivan
Coldman and Ocelot ?10:59, June 25, 201097.118.147.115
Metal Gear Solid: Rising21:11, June 8, 2010HAXE
The Coming Tide18:27, June 7, 2010Otaconharter
MGS4 "Blast Furnace" music01:30, June 6, 2010Fantomas
Zanzibar Land/Zanzibarland05:30, June 5, 201024.42.9.190
Triad banning17:34, June 4, 2010Bluerock
Portable ops walkthrough04:52, May 14, 2010Drawde83
New theme faults21:51, May 13, 2010Drawde83
Youtube vids00:34, March 20, 2010NourishedPsyche
Weapons/equipment pages20:50, March 11, 2010Weedle McHairybug
Info regarding Big Boss's role in Mozambique war of independence20:23, March 11, 2010Weedle McHairybug
Volgin's Davy Crocket19:23, March 10, 2010Otaconharter
I don't think Metal Gear Solid 4 was particularly good19:49, March 4, 2010Noname the hero
Wouldn't it be cool if you could use CQC (like with The Boss) whenever an enemy melee attacks you in MGS3?12:26, March 4, 2010BJAT IRL
Weekly poll22:48, March 3, 2010Drawde83
Who's playing Snake in peace walker10:29, March 3, 2010BJAT IRL
Kerotans or no alerts?17:58, March 2, 2010Drawde83
If you have Corpse camo and make someone die(scaring to death) count as a kill?13:28, March 2, 2010BJAT IRL
Ocelots arm poll01:12, February 16, 2010Drawde83
Should the Tanker Chapter have been an unlockable?20:05, February 15, 2010Bluerock
Ocelot arm poll options03:19, February 15, 2010Drawde83
'Trivia' and 'Behind the Scenes'19:34, February 1, 2010Bluerock
Dealing to scarabs15:07, January 26, 2010Bluerock
Evas boots23:51, January 20, 2010Bluerock
New wiki editor problems17:59, January 19, 2010Richard1990
Destiny to be in the box00:00, January 12, 2010Jake3694
Falton Recovery Unit: Pre-MGSPW Release15:33, January 11, 2010Otaconharter
What do you guys think?15:18, January 11, 2010Otaconharter
Name for the events of MGS414:06, January 11, 2010Otaconharter
Revolver Ocelot was always Revolver Ocelot -- and the HERO of the Saga13:55, January 11, 2010Otaconharter
Metal Gear Solid: Essentials17:09, January 6, 2010Bluerock
"Hmmm? What's that big thing in the water?"16:41, January 6, 2010Weedle McHairybug
Does anyone visit the forums anymore?15:41, January 5, 2010Otaconharter
Category for the crotch grab15:33, January 4, 2010Otaconharter
Outer Heaven?00:43, December 16, 2009Fantomas
MGS1 torture turbo12:18, September 17, 2009Solid Shane
Ack! Need Help!18:00, August 27, 2009The.Dreadnought
Gray Fox's cannon02:09, August 24, 2009Solid Shane
MIG Pilots question10:14, August 14, 2009Solid Shane
Was Snake an agent of the Patriots all is life ? *Spoilers*02:01, August 14, 2009Solid Shane
Game templates20:56, July 24, 2009Drawde83
How do I equip shotgun w/ v ring ammo?16:28, July 12, 2009Vadalor
MGS franchise's portrayal of soldiers05:19, July 12, 200962.189.189.132
The Faces of Snake: Naked - Solidus16:44, July 11, 2009Asslick
MGS Peacewalker19:12, June 23, 2009Solid Shane
And then......there was nothing!13:15, June 11, 200985.159.128.118
Zero is related to Earthbound22:35, June 2, 200970.247.248.219
Who wrote the article on the MGS next page?21:26, June 1, 2009Richard1990
Zanzibar06:13, May 30, 200998.202.237.17
Is anyone else extremely excitied?19:35, May 29, 2009Squalidsnake
Jack,20:37, May 7, 2009Fantomas
Help with mgo23:03, May 3, 200979.225.137.45
I think we should22:26, May 1, 2009Fantomas
Metal Gear Solid Movie17:35, April 10, 200910.8.2.70
Solid snake article misatke02:38, April 8, 200962.189.189.132
Shaver16:58, March 21, 2009Sterlng
Naomi Hunter and Snake19:53, March 20, 2009Drawde83
Article competition20:27, March 18, 2009Drawde83
Could somebody please explain where raiden got his cyborg suit and artificial blood from23:52, March 9, 2009L1QU1D5N4KE
New weapons pages19:53, February 27, 2009Drawde83
Liquid Ocelot fight03:21, February 12, 2009Fantomas
New parser18:01, February 10, 2009Richard1990
What brand of prescription frames does Otacon wear?16:22, January 4, 2009Nanomaus
Question about the corpse (huge spoilers; don't look if you haven't finished)07:03, December 24, 2008Chaos91
Question about liquid (spoilers)17:10, December 14, 2008Richard1990
How do you get out of the torture room? (metal solid 3)02:02, November 3, 2008Drawde83
Shagohod23:47, October 28, 2008AvnasIshtaroth
The Greatest New I think I have ever given myself...17:34, October 26, 2008Solid Shane
Mgs walkthrough problem20:07, October 19, 2008Solid Shane
Need quick explaination on Ocelot's role in MGS408:25, October 18, 2008Squalidsnake
New logo?04:47, October 12, 2008Solid Shane
Secrets, in general23:35, October 9, 2008Solid Shane
News section should be updated more17:07, October 4, 2008Thegraham888
Last Days of Foxhound flagging00:12, September 30, 2008Crow T R0bot
Trivia sections?22:25, September 23, 2008Coliac
Big Boss' role in Metal Gear05:01, September 21, 2008Megaritz
Did you know section12:15, September 20, 2008Ruthlessgravity
Solidus question20:54, September 2, 2008Solid Shane
Raiden questions16:02, August 28, 2008Fantomas
What happened to Liquid's body?12:32, August 24, 2008Fantomas
I think there's one major thing missing in Gene's article...19:11, August 20, 2008Fantomas
Family Tree10:09, August 19, 2008Ruthlessgravity
Case for a significant walkthrough addition.18:47, August 13, 2008THESHOOTIST
Countdown19:31, August 7, 2008Richard1990
One minor mistake in Big Boss's section07:18, August 3, 2008Solid Shane
MGS2 "Clear Code"?11:18, July 22, 2008Fantomas
Does Raiden have a last name?03:20, July 22, 2008Solid Shane
I might be starting something hilarious here...(no spoilers)03:13, July 22, 2008Solid Shane
The possible MGS film03:07, July 22, 2008Solid Shane
Sunny's Eggs12:21, July 17, 2008Fantomas
Can't find the usp gun on the ship of mgs2, i've looked everywhere!!!22:31, July 12, 2008Fantomas
Weapons keep18:28, July 10, 2008Fantomas
Merging voice actors pages12:02, July 10, 2008Fantomas
How does Solid Snake know Big Boss is his father in Metal Gear Solid?12:08, June 30, 2008Fantomas
What's next?16:20, June 26, 2008Richard1990
Just a question about the PMCs10:48, June 25, 2008Légionnaire
Product placement in MGS407:35, June 22, 2008Solid Shane
Spoilers18:14, June 21, 2008Solid Shane
Okay, I've a simple question and I'm expecting a quick reply :)12:06, June 21, 2008Inclothes
Huge updates coming!!23:54, June 15, 2008Fantomas
MGS4 User Screenshot Gallery22:05, June 15, 2008Selo
Main page suggestions18:56, June 9, 2008Richard1990
Win a trip to PAX17:31, June 8, 2008Richard1990
I'm gonna bail.02:43, June 7, 2008Drawde83
Vehicles pages00:09, May 23, 2008Fantomas
Guiding new users00:08, May 23, 2008Fantomas
Project namespace change16:12, May 21, 2008Richard1990
In-universe stuff21:17, May 20, 2008Drawde83
MGS4 weapon sources02:38, May 19, 2008Drawde83
Need some quick reply - Did Big Boss weared Bandanna in MG1?11:09, May 10, 2008Fantomas
Liquid's affection with cardbox?15:40, May 7, 2008Fantomas
Metal Gear Online21:54, May 3, 2008Selo
Question about certain part of MGS2...10:18, May 1, 2008Fantomas
CreatePage17:22, April 30, 2008Richard1990
New page ideas23:49, April 28, 2008Fantomas
Okay...I'm kind of confused.23:22, April 26, 2008Fantomas
I think there are few errors in Outer Heaven section...23:01, April 26, 2008Lordbraska1999
Limited edition PS322:47, April 26, 2008Lordbraska1999
Getting Noticed11:48, April 11, 2008Lordbraska1999
500 articles!10:31, April 11, 2008Lordbraska1999
Wikia Gaming IRC channel10:48, April 10, 2008Kirkburn
"The following events occur in..."04:23, April 9, 2008Drawde83
Character Pages21:01, April 8, 2008Selo
MGA Cards22:15, April 1, 2008Lordbraska1999
New skin15:49, March 27, 2008Richard1990
MGS4 Weapons21:54, March 23, 2008Richard1990
Should "The Last Days of Foxhound" get an article here?01:10, March 21, 2008Drawde83

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