Nubian goat.

Goats are a herding animal prevalent across the world. They are identifiable by their possessing long horns regardless of gender and occasionally a beard. One species of goat is the Persian Markhor, whose name means "Snake Eater."

Karakul Goats were seen fleeing after Metal Gear Sahelanthropus was destroyed.

Behind the scenes

Three kinds of goats can be found and extracted in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Cashmere goats are found in Afghanistan, while Nubians and Boer goats are found in the Angola-Zaire border region. Rescuing animals allows Diamond Dogs to receive money from environment-preserving NGOs. Fultoning them costs 300 GMP, but Diamond Dogs gets 500 GMP in return, resulting in a net gain of 200 GMP.

Prior to the release of The Phantom Pain, developers had shown goats and other animals roaming freely around Mother Base. However, in the final version, all animals on Mother Base are confined to the Animal Conservation Platform. In the E3 2014 demo, the Nubian goat had slightly longer fur, although by the final version, its fur was cropped.


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