This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Golab was a SaintLogic test subject, created as a byproduct of research needed to create the EGO system.


As a result of experimentation on him, Golab could swallow fuel from a large tube that he carried around on his back and store large quantities within his body. He could then spit the ignited fuel back out like a flamethrower against his enemies; with his skin regenerating quickly to reduce tissue burns.

In order to barricade himself from Rodzinski (who wanted the Lucinda File from him), Thomas Koppelthorn set Golab and the other test subjects free and ordered them to bring Snake in alive. But Golab decided to cremate him instead, "as slowly and as painfully as possible," and to "spread his ashes in honor of the Queen's birth." Golab was defeated in his attempt at fulfilling this objective by Snake and Venus; Golab warned them that if "the fertilization" is completed then he would be a helpless slave to the Queen. Golab then shot a stream of flame at a volatile area, which caused a chain reaction that began igniting countless explosives stashed under the ground. Snake and Venus retreated from the exploding warehouse before they were killed. Golab stayed behind, although he hinted at a surprise for them. Whether he was piloting KODOQUE when Snake and Venus fought against it after the hangar's destruction (his earlier surprise) or was killed in the destruction of the building is unknown.


Golab's name is derived from the “Golachab” or “the Arsonists”, demons of the Qlippothic form of Geburah Sephiroth from the Kabbalah faith.