MGS2S Gurlugon

Gurlugon in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance.

Gurlugon is a giant soldier created inside a virtual reality construct. They are quite partial to books and those wearing B.D.U.s. They are very territorial. It is a parody of Godzilla, along with Genola.


Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Gurlugons appear in Variety missions where Solid Snake or Raiden have to sneak to the end of a stage without being seen. In these scenarios, the Soliton Radar is disabled, forcing the player to sneak past them by using their head position as a point of reference to their field of vision.

At the end of Raiden's Survival mission, he has to do battle with a Gurlugon by destroying it piece by piece.

Alternatively, Raiden can use two items to end the battle quickly:

  • Lay down a book in Gurlugon's line of sight, comically giving him a huge nosebleed and making him collapse (mission success, thus clearing the mission).
  • Equip the B.D.U. and the AKS-74U. By using this technique, the ending shows the Gurlugon in love (it is revealed that a pink heart pops up above the giant soldier's head) with Raiden and takes the latter for a date while mellow music is played in the background (mission failure, thus resulting in a game over).

Snake Tales E

A Gurlugon is the main focus of the first half of the Snake Tales mission "External Gazer", and can be defeated using the same methods as the VR fight with Raiden mentioned above.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Naked Snake mentions the creature during a conversation with Para-Medic.

Behind the scenes

Gurlugon is a portmaneau of Gurlukovich (mercenary) and the kaiju monster Guiron.

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