The Sikorsky HH-64 Dragoon was a helicopter used during the Zanzibar Land Disturbance.



The Dragoon, like the Gigant, was a modified version of the Sikorsky Stallion helicopters that were used primarily by the United States Marine Corps and NATO. Its primary purpose was to carry heavy cargo, as well as transport troops, and rescue combatants. Due to its heavily modified design from regular gunships, the Dragoon was often installed with three turbo shaft engines as well as having increased firepower in the form of .62 mm machineguns, equipped on both sides and the rear. The machine guns were capable of firing 4000 rounds per minute. Its crew also included parachute jumpers, which were special forces members that would provide cover for any extracted personnel.

Zanzibar Land Disturbance

Main article: Zanzibar Land Disturbance

The Dragoon departing from Zanzibar Land with Snake and Holly in tow, circa late 1999.

During Operation Intrude F014, it was intended to be used for the extraction of Dr. Kio Marv and Solid Snake. However, when Snake called in shortly after meeting up with Holly White and defeating Zanzibar Land's leader, Big Boss, he told the getaway pilot, Charlie, that the only other person to board is Holly, because of various complications throughout the mission that resulted in Marv's death.[1][2] However, the Dragoon, piloted by Charlie, was barely 10km away from the extraction point when Snake called in demanding to know where he was, as he was currently fighting off various Zanzibar Land soldiers after being ambushed by them.[3] Upon arrival, the Dragoon used its 7.62mm machineguns and increased firepower to take down the entire platoon of Zanzibar Land troops that surrounded Snake and Holly, saving them at the last possible second. The Dragoon then extracted Snake and Holly, and headed back to America.[4]


Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - User's Manual, Konami Corporation (1990).


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