V vi hmg-3 wingate

The HMG-3 Wingate was a heavy machine gun with a long service history in the West that saw use since at least before the 1980s.

Background and features

The HMG-3 Wingate had chambered rounds of .50 caliber, and it was because of this that it not only was excellent at anti-personnel suppression, but was also able to be embedded on various vehicles.


Phantom Pain Incident

See also: Hospital Escape and Phantom Pain Incident

The PFs operating in the Angola-Zaire border region of Central Africa utilized the HMG-3 Wingate for outpost defense in their various outposts and guardposts dotted throughout the region. Venom Snake and the Diamond Dogs often stole these weapons during their operations in the region. Aside from the stationary manned turrets, the HMG-3 Wingate also acted as the secondary weapons system for the M84A MAGLOADER battle tanks belonging to the various PFs. In addition, both Diamond Dogs themselves and several rival outfits modeled after them had HMG-3 Wingates as well as their Eastern-based counterparts, the VOL-GA K12, dotting their Forward Operating Bases (and in the case of Diamond Dogs, their own primary base of operations).

Behind the scenes

The HMG-3 Wingate first appeared in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It was shown on the Tokyo Game Show 2016 demo for Metal Gear Survive, where it was developed from a package of crates containing supplies from earlier, and utilized to defend a wormhole-based SOS transmitter from an onslaught of creatures.


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