This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Harab Serap was one of the test subjects created by SaintLogic. His appearance, although derived from a number of animals, retained the stature of a large man.


After being released from containment at SaintLogic's North American facility, Harab Serap attempted to kill all those who had tormented and abused him. His attacks included his detachable fists that he launched as projectiles at Snake, along with a close range slamming attack. These arms also served as a means of rapid transportation: He would launch his fists, which would trail a chain behind them from his forearms, then latch onto a nearby object or wall and pull himself towards it. Harab Serap's fists/forearms could also form blades should he receive significant injury. Despite his unique combat abilities, Snake was eventually able to defeat him.


In the Kabbalah faith, "harab" and "serap" are two unholy sephiroth. His name is derived from “Oreb Zareq” or the “Ravens of Dispersion” from the Qlippothic form of Netzach Sephiroth in the Kabbalah faith.

Behind the scenes

Harab Serap is a boss character that is fought in Metal Gear Acid 2. When his health is depleted to a certain point, his fists/forearms will "grow" blades, suggesting that—along with the fact that he's covered with small metallic orifices that spit steam, and the electrical animation that occurs when he regrows his arms—he is a cyborg.